Who is this for?

I am experienced in using WordPress and various e-commerce platforms. My services are perfect for anyone who blogs using WordPress.org and wants to start utilising Pinterest.

You will need at least 5 blog posts/products before applying and at least 3 categories so that I can create your boards.

Who is this not for?

My services are not suitable for local businesses and in-person businesses unless you have a blog or e-commerce site that you regularly post to.

MLMs will only be suitable if you have your own blog.

CBD, Medical Sites or any site that is not family-friendly are not suitable as they are more likely to be reported on Pinterest.

How it works

Firstly contact me using the form on the services page and I’ll be in touch within 1-2 business days.

I’ll send over a questionnaire for more details about your business.

How do I Pay?

Payment is required before any service starts. I will send a Paypal invoice for one-off services.

I don’t want to send Pinterest & Tailwind login details

That’s okay. By creating a free LastPass account you can send via email to my LastPass account. I’ll be able to log in at a click of a button without seeing any details. Don’t have LastPass? Create a free account here.