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Emma Drew has grown her blog into a six-figure business. In this post, she has kindly answered some questions on how she has achieved success.

Reading Emma’s success story in the Daily Mail encouraged me not to give up on my own blog and I’m glad to say I now make an income from it.

Q&A With Emma Drew 6-Figure Blogger

Tell us a bit about your background & how did you get into blogging?

I have always been interested in making money and saving money, so when I graduated into the recession I knew I could turn these skills into money.

At the time, I couldn’t get a job and I just needed to make £10 a day to cover my bills. I turned to making money online and decided that I wanted to start a blog to keep myself accountable.

That was back in 2010, I had no idea that you could even make money blogging. Then by 2015 I was able to leave my full-time job because my blog was earning more than my job.

Since then I have employed my husband and another full-time member of staff as well as renting out office space for the business.

When was it you first started seeing an income from blogging?

It took around three years of blogging to start making pocket money – around £50 per month.

I had no idea that you could make money from blogging and I certainly didn’t think that anyone in the UK could do it, so this was amazing to me.

I wasn’t getting sponsored posts and my advert revenue was almost non-existent, this is when I discovered affiliate marketing. I was able to share affiliate links to the websites I was using to make money online, and that’s where the £50 a month came from.

I was really chuffed because it paid for my hosting and a couple of takeaways a month. I had no idea where blogging could go!

How long was it before you could leave your day job?

My blog was 5 years old before I felt that I could make the jump to leave my full-time job to blog because I was earning more from my blog than from my full-time job.

If we didn’t have the expense of getting married earlier that year then I think I would have left my job sooner, but I wanted a guaranteed income to help us out.

In an ideal world I would have cut down to part-time hours at work, but that wasn’t an option for me, so I took the massive leap.

I still wanted to ring my boss a month later thinking that I had made a big mistake. I didn’t have massive savings behind me and it felt really scary, but I learned as much as I could from taking courses, learning to put my readers first and diversifying my income.

For anyone thinking of starting a blog, do you think the market saturated?

Blogging is still a very new industry, and although it feels like everyone and their dog has a blog, it is still a very lucrative industry and one that is only in its infancy.

The great thing about blogging is that you aren’t in competition with other bloggers – your readers aren’t likely to only want to read one blog in the same way you don’t want to just watch one show on Netflix.

Creating a blog is a great chance to let out your creativity and earn an income from home.

For those who have started blogging and not seeing results, will your courses help, do you have any tips?

Blogging success doesn’t happen overnight, and I remember those early days of feeling as though everyone else was getting sponsorships and opportunities apart from me.

I wanted to give up so many times. That’s why I created my course Turn Your Dreams Into Money which shows you How To Build a Six-Figure Blog and Live the Life You Want.

I wanted somewhere to put all of my blogging knowledge, tips and tricks to help other bloggers. Whether they are struggling with mindset or wrapping their head around social media, it is a comprehensive course that covers everything I know about blogging.

Students can dip into whatever modules they want to tackle or take the course all at once then put their knowledge into practice.

Thank You, Emma.

As you can see, if you put in the hard work, blogging can be very profitable. If you’re thinking of starting a blog yourself or you have already started one and need to know all the ins and outs of blogging, I recommend Emma’s course.

To find out more about How To Build a Six-Figure Blog and Live the Life You Want, please follow this link.

You may also be interested in another of Emma’s courses which focuses on affiliate marketing: How To Smash Affiliate Marketing As a UK Blogger.

How to create a six figure blog.

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