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When planning a Summer holiday a lot of individuals automatically assume that they have to stay in a hotel. It is almost like an automatic and instinctive thing to do. However, by doing this you will be disregarding all of the other types of accommodation available.

A lot of people don’t realise it but there are actually loads of different accommodation options. Have you thought about renting a country farmhouse for your holiday?

In the UK especially there are some fantastic country farmhouses available for rent. These can really enhance your holiday and add a lot of fun to your stay.

The main reason why a farmhouse holiday appeals to many is being able to get up close and personal with the animals.

Depending on what farm you go to you may be able to have a pony ride, horse ride or shear a sheep. If the former applies, make sure you check out Dubarry of Ireland first.

Great British Walks:Great British Walks:Great British Walks:

Wherever you reside, you will certainly be able to feed the animals and enjoy spending a lot of time around them.

Spend some time taking in the scenery by going for long relaxing countryside walks.
A farmhouse is particularly great for families because they provide activities that all ages can enjoy.

It is also worth bearing in mind the fact that you will benefit from some delicious local produce. Food created on local British farms tends to be much more scrumptious and a lot healthier as well.

Indulge in some fresh vegetables and some yummy eggs for breakfast. Eating healthy food filled with nutrients is clearly very a lot better for you. It will make you feel a lot healthier and you will get all of the energy you need in order to enjoy the days ahead. There are bound to be some great local restaurants and cafes available nearby as well and it is always nice to try a few.

In addition to this, don’t forget about the beautiful locations and stunning views. Farmhouses are always located in the countryside and therefore you will be surrounded by luscious greens and gorgeous landscape views.

You will fail to find another type of accommodation that can provide you with such a fantastic setting as a farmhouse can. Your holiday will feel truly special when you wake up in the morning and look out towards the farm animals lacing the stunning and dramatic hills.

And last but not least, an astounding thing about farmhouses is that they actually tend to be rather cheap to rent. You will be able to find reasonable prices and going away as a family will be a lot cheaper when staying in a farmhouse compared to a hotel. So, not only will your holiday be much more fun, but it will be cheaper too – the perfect combination.

If you are planning on going away in the future then try not simply search for hotels and ignore all of the other great accommodation options available. There are some beautiful farmhouses situated throughout the country and they bring so much more fun, excitement and magic to your holiday.

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Renting A Country Farmhouse

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