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The 4 E’s of Growth: Simple Tactics To Expand Your Small Business

Small business can only stay small for so long until they reach the limit on the income that they can generate. In fact, for long-term stability, small business owners should be looking at ways to grow and develop their company, something you can get some advice on in this post below.


Expand your market


First of all of you are looking to grow your small business you will need to find a way to expand the market you can sell to. There is two main way of doing this. The first is to expand internationally, so you begin to sell your products abroad. This option can be profitable, especially if you have a well-established brand or a product that is not available anywhere else.



The other option is to expand domestically. This can be a bit more difficult because it means finding another domestic market that would have a use for your product. This can be initially more expensive, as it may take a little research and development to get right. Although it is possible to research, via posts like these kabbage reviews, low cost loans that can cover this cost. Something that will allow you to grow your business now and reap the financial rewards later.


Expand the products you offer


In addition to expanding the market you offer your products in, you can also grow your business by providing more products. What this means is tweaking original items so they appeal to a more specific demographic, something that adding colourful patterns on packaging and the product itself can do. An example of which is when toolkits with floral design are explicitly marketed to women.


Alternatively, there is the option of coming up with an entirely new product, but one that still solves the problem that you original item was known for. Something that if you can get it right can work very successfully and even revolutionize your industry, an example of this being the Dyson bagless vacuum cleaners.


Encourage brand loyalty


Also, don’t forget that you can grow your company by encouraging brand loyalty. In fact, with the internet, email, and social media this is something that is relatively easy and low cost to do but can make a massive difference to sales.


For example, offering opportunities for customers to feel involved in something bigger than themselves through interaction on social media can help them feel a connection to your brand.



Team this with courting customers that have previously bought from you and making them into super fans that can act as brand ambassadors. Then you will have a simple yet effective way of reaching many more potential customers and growing your business.


Encourage more traffic


Lastly, and perhaps the purest form of expanding your business is to secure more leads. To do this is a two-step process. First of all, you need to increase the traffic that reaches your site, something you can do with smart SEO, SEM, and other marketing techniques.


The second step is then to ensure that you convert as many of these leads to sales as possible. A task that many businesses are using a sales filter for, as this helps to promote engagement and interaction at whatever stage of the dying proves the visitor is at. Something that in turn, can help to close more sales, and so be a vital part of growing your business.

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