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The best school shoes in my opinion

I’ve just bought my daughter some brand new school shoes, she’s gone up a whole shoe size since last year.

I’ll always recommend a pair of Clarks shoes, especially the patent leather style. Why?

Simply because they last and are super easy to wipe over and clean. Petroleum jelly is great for cleaning this type of leather.

I’ve tried to save money in the past buying the cheaper school shoes with the PU-coated coated leather which is a leather look, not real leather and they simply do not last. As soon as they get scuffed that’s it, the leather coating comes off leaving the material beneath showing through which can’t be polished nicely like a leather can.

I’ve ended up buying two pairs of these leather look shoes only to have them ruined within a few weeks.

Since then I only get Clarks school shoes which have lasted a whole year because they are sized correctly and have plenty of room for the feet to grow.

The Best School Shoes In My Opinion

Clarks have a 20% discount on a pair of trainers if you buy a pair of full price school shoes which is definitely worth doing to save a bit of cash. They also currently have an offer of 20% off a pair of adult shoes when you buy kids shoes so you can treat yourself too!

Buying all the school uniform at the end of the Summer holidays can take its toll on the bank balance. To save money I never buy the school shirts with logos on. I always shop in supermarkets and look around places like Matalan to get the best deal. Primark has a few items which are ideal for PE kits which are reasonably priced.

It can be really hard on parents this time of year, especially if money is tight. If you can manage to buy a pair of Clarks school shoes then I advise doing so. The shoes are the only items I think are worth paying a bit more for and you’ll save yourself having to pay out more in the long run when the cheaper ones get scuffed and ruined in the playground.

The Best School Shoes In My Opinion

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