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Claire from Stapo’s Thrifty Life Hacks has kindly invited me to this years Blogtober tag which is a yearly blogger event where bloggers taking part answer a few questions about themselves. I haven’t participated in one for a couple of years, so decided to take her up on the offer.

Here we go…

The October Blogtober Tag

What’s your favourite autumnal scent?

I’d have to say the smell of hot dogs at the funfair.

Do you prefer pumpkin; pie or apple pie?

I going to have to say apple because I can’t actually remember if I’ve even tried Pumpkin pie!

What’s the one autumnal tradition that you have?

Visiting the Mop fair that comes every year and stays over two weekends. Sadly, it probably won’t be here this year due to COVID 19

What are you planning on dressing up as for Halloween?

I don’t usually dress up for Halloween, my daughter will if we go trick or treating, but this year because of COVID19 I don’t think it’s the best idea. I will buy her some sweet treats though.

What are you most excited for about autumn?

I’m a Spring and Summer person and when Autumn comes I feel kind of sad. Most of us have been in lockdown and our Summers have been ruined, so the thought of Winter coming doesn’t fill me with excitement at the moment. I’m sure a lot of us are feeling this way.

What’s your favourite scary movie?

I should say Halloween here right? 🙂 I like quite a few scary movies but not the really disturbing ones.

What is your favourite Halloween sweet treat?

A favourite sweet treat I used to love were Tootsie Rolls, I remember having as a child when I went trick or treating on an American air base.

A favourite item that’s pumpkin spiced?

I’m afraid I don’t know of or own anything that is pumpkin spiced? I have a Winter spiced candle, does that count? 😉

What is your warmest autumnal memory?

Walking around the beautiful parks where I live watching the seasons change and the trees change colour.

What is your favourite autumn must-have?

A nice new warm Winter coat and a pair of boots.

The October Blogtober Tag.

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