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I’ve grown up taking caravan holidays mainly in Dorset. When I was a child the caravans I stayed in used to have gas lamps, and if you needed the loo in the night you’d have to make a trip to the toilet block.

Luckily, nowadays caravans have all the mod cons. Toilets, showers and yes electricity!

Here are some tips on Uk holidays, things to pack and what to do especially if you’re on a budget when taking a seaside caravan holiday with the kids.

UK Seaside Caravan Holidays with the Kids

Save 2ps Before You Go

If you’re at the seaside there is always the arcade to go to for evening entertainment. When we go away we spend every night in them, my daughter loves them. Before you go away save all your 2ps, you’ll be glad you did because they don’t last long with all the slot machines.

Basic Essentials to take

It’s a good idea to take a few kitchen essentials with you such as washing up liquid, some laundry liquid for washing underwear and swimwear, plus a couple of tea towels and bin bags.

Take travel bottles and fill them up with detergents, they should last a week or two. Some sites have launderettes for you to use which is handy if you have a lot of washing.

Remember to pack bedding if not provided. Bring your own towels and tea towels, not just beach towels.

Food & Kitchen

Caravan holidays are self-catering, so, to save money pack a few snacks, some teabags, milk coffee sachets, and sugar in a small pot so that you don’t have to buy large jars and packets when you get there. Concentrated squash is handy to carry and makes lots of glasses you’ll be surprised. Take some cereal, bread and milk, plus bin bags to put all your rubbish in.

Find A Supermarket when you get there

Some sites have a shop where you can buy essentials. These convenience shops can be overpriced, so, if you can find a local supermarket and buy food that you’d like to eat over the course of the week, stock up on your first day so you’re not going to and fro to the shops everyday.

Have an evening meal in Wetherspoons

Wetherspoons is one of the best and cheapest places I’ve found to eat out, I find it’s half the price of most places and you get a drink included with your meals either a soft or alcoholic drink. It’s a great place to take the kids go for a treat especially if you don’t want to cook. You are on holiday after all.

For The Beach

You’re going to need beach towels. Take a fold-up picnic blanket so it’s easy to carry around.

Don’t forget the bucket and spade. There handy foldable buckets that are ideal space savers when travelling.

For the beach, a windbreak is essential for keeping the wind off you. It can be especially strong along the coast. A pop-up beach tent or parasol is also great for keeping the sun’s rays off you when it’s hot.

Be Prepared For All Weather

The weather in the UK can change from one day to the next so make sure you take some rain jackets and suitable footwear along with the Summer clothes. A couple of jumpers or cardigans should take the chill off in the evening.

First Aid

Finally, a first aid kit is a must to take on any holiday, this should contain, insect repellent, plasters and bandages, an antiseptic cream, scissors, thermometer, pain killers and any medication you may be on. If the kids get car sick, sea bands or travel sickness pills can help.

If you’ve not booked your holiday yet take a look at caravan breaks available with Hoseasons, Aria Resorts and Haven to compare deals.

UK Seaside Caravan Holidays with the Kids

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