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It’s easy, after the initial rush of setting up a business has passed, to fall into an established rhythm, a way of doing things that just keeps things ticking over. While there’s not much wrong with this approach – in some cases, the cautious approach is to be applauded – it’s not going to take you to dizzying heights. You’ll be stuck in ‘good, acceptable’ mode, with ‘great’ always out on there on the horizon. So let’s change that, and get you working towards great. Below, we take a look at how you can have a great business year.

Set a Target

You can’t set a path if you don’t know where you’re going. You might be comfortable with waiting to see what happens, but in taking this approach you’ll likely miss many opportunities to do awesome things. Instead, aim big — you can set yourself an ambitious target, for example. In so doing you’ll be giving yourself something to strive for, and a cause that’ll nudge you to keep complacency at bay the longer the year goes on. Even if you don’t end up reaching your target, you’ll achieve more than if you hadn’t set any goal at all.

Build Connections

Humans always achieve more when they’re on the same team than when they’re competing against each other. So why not take a look at creating links with other companies? It’s all about finding businesses who are in the same industry as you are, and trying to find ways to mutually support one another. The connections you make might not pay off straight away, or, in some cases, not at all. But that’s not what’s most important — the key part is making an effort to reach out to others and begin the process. You don’t know where it might take you.

Aware of Changes

You might have grand plans of your own, but remember that there are other things you’ll need to keep in mind too. For example, what about changing trends? If you want to have a great year, you need to be aware of the market and cultural shifts that’ll impact your business — without them, you might find that you’re left behind. There may also be some changes in how you deal with the HMRC, too. The MTD for VAT initiative is coming in April, and will affect a large percentage of UK based businesses — check if one of them is your business. Don’t let your great year be disturbed by the failure to follow new rules!

Improve Your Weak Spots

Your company might be moving in the right direction, but it’s far from perfect. While it’s always good practice to celebrate your strengths and successes, it’s just as important to identify your weak spots, too. By conducting a critical analysis of your business (and your own skills), you can fix any gaps you have. While you’ll never be able to excel in all areas, you can continue to improve and refine your operations are other aspects of your business.

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