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If you have recently moved into new premises, and you’re looking to create the most productive environment possible for your staff team to excel in, you might need to think outside the box if your office space has some rather fetching retro polystyrene ceiling tiles and a beige carpet that hasn’t had new underlay since nineteen eighty something.

If you become complacent and allow your employees to work within four drab walls that sap morale and foster an unhappy environment, you cannot expect your business to expand and grow. Instead, you need to think of ways to make your new workplace a hive of activity and an arena of dynamism. Take a look at why a happy workplace is a productive workplace.

Why A Happy Workplace Is A Productive Workplace


While it sounds a little flippant, the colour of the walls within your workplace can have a huge impact on mood. Brown, beige or dull walls with no artwork, no photography and no greenery makes for a depressing environment. Your staff team won’t be motivated and will lack the mojo needed for creative thinking and collaborative working.

Instead, consider painting the walls a crisp white, put up some local artwork or even encourage a photography competition amongst your employees to add a touch of personalisation to the office decor.

When you encourage contributions from your workforce, they feel valued and more motivated to work at their optimum putting in maximum effort.

Sprinkle some plants and foliage around the office and make sure the equipment to be utilised is modern, relevant and reliable.


It’s important that you don’t hark back to an era of single booths each with an ancient desktop computer and a printer. People don’t tend to work well alone anymore. Instead, foster a team approach to ideas formulation and report writing. Each member of your staff team has their strengths, and it makes sense to combine them to create the finest presentation, the most sound contract bid or the most cost-efficient financial proposal.

Get to know your staff personally on away days and ask their opinions on how they feel they work most effectively. Open plan working with collaborative pods could be a more flexible and forward-thinking way of effective working.


It seems obvious, but it’s vital that you keep the workplace environment well-coiffed, safe and maintained. Employ an office cleaning company to maintain optimum hygiene, keep the carpets clean and desks tidy. Offices that begin to look tired and fall into disrepair become hazardous let alone unproductive work environments.

By keeping your office space looking fresh, clean and vibrant you are demonstrating to your employees that you value them, you want them to feel safe and happy where they work, and you will go out of your way to ensure a decent working environment.

Employees need to feel incentivised, enthused and happy where they work. As an employer, it’s up to you to ensure that your staff team buy into your business vision and feel that they have an impactful role within your company. Achieve this, and you could have a super productive working environment.

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