One of the most common ways of achieving financial freedom in the current climate is to go self-employed and work for yourself. Many people make certain mistakes when they go self-employed, especially when it comes to their finances. Lots of people don’t save up for tax, and they don’t put money aside for a pension, but they also don’t invest in themselves. It is important to invest in yourself whether you are a small business owner or a freelancer. Why is it so important to financially invest in yourself? You Can Have Access to Better Resources Whether you are a self-employed woodworker or a blogger, it doesn’t matter what industry you operate in, you must have the right resources that help you work efficiently and effectively. A woodworker could benefit from investing in industrial workbenches that save them from the physical pressures of the job or a blogger could utilise more effective marketing plugins.  When you have access to better resources and you have the understanding that the right tools will help you do your job better it instantly frees you up. It Prevents Burnout Self-employment is in many ways very restrictive. People go self-employed to achieve more freedom but the freedom is only fleeting. You don’t have to start work at 9:00 a.m. and you can take as long as you want for lunch but if you continually take this approach you start to feel the pressure of having to work until two o’clock in the morning constantly.  If you take the opportunity to financially invest in your self-employment through the right courses that help you to balance your lifestyle or to invest in an accountant that helps you take advantage of every single business expense you will benefit. Many self-employed people feel like they need to keep working in order to make a certain living for themselves. An accountant can help you to recognise where you are able to earn enough for financial comfort without paying too much tax.  It can be a numbers game but if we constantly work our fingers to the bone thinking this is the best way to earn a living, we are going to burn out. It Teaches You a Worthwhile Lesson… Self-employed people live a feast-or-famine lifestyle and this means that they can be gregarious one month but penniless the next. Investing in the things that make you work better or understand how to make life easier for yourself means that you are not overloading yourself. But more importantly, this means that you are learning the value of who you are.  Many people think about making everybody else look good and not themselves but in terms of business, we’ve got to remember that if we are to do a good job we’ve got to look after ourselves. Investing in yourself as a self-employed person means that you are valuing your contributions. Much like the adage of when the breathing apparatus comes down in an aeroplane, we have to put ours on before we can help others. Investing in yourself in a financial way means that you are investing in yourself in a personal way as well.