Month: January 2018

  • Pick My Postcode

    Free Postcode Lottery

    What is Pick My Postcode? Pick My Postcode is free to join and there’s no need to buy any tickets,  you win if your postcode is chosen in one of the daily draws. How do you play? Play by registering your postcode and email address. Random postcodes are chosen every day for the draws. It’s important […]

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  • Nofollow And Dofollow Links

    Nofollow And Dofollow Links Explained

    If you are unsure or have never heard of nofollow and dofollow links, this is a quick guide on what they do and when to use them. When you add a link to a page on your website it is automatically added as a dofollow link and will look like this: <a href=”URL HERE”>Anchor Text</a> […]

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