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Due to the bothersome regrowth, I desired to conceal my initial grey hairs without resorting to permanent hair dye and to also save some money. I experimented with several non-permanent hair colours and identified three that gave satisfactory results, with the third product listed below being my absolute favourite.

Cover First Greys Without Permanent Hair Dye

Indola Colour Mousse For Covering Grey Hair

The first product is a leave-in colour mouse by Indola. This product isn’t available in shops, I’ve searched extensively and couldn’t find it anywhere other than Amazon.

The Pearl Beige colour option is my favourite for covering grey hair, although there are plenty of other shades available to try.

Some people say the darker colours stain bed linen slightly, however, it does wash out. The pearl beige colour didn’t do this.

I found this product to be quite effective in subtly blending in greys, making them less noticeable. It’s super quick and easy to use – all you have to do is wash your hair and apply it.

Schwarzkopf Colour Refresher Mousse For Covering Grey Hair

This non-permanent hair dye mousse is called: Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour Refresher Mousse for Cool Browns

It’s non-permanent and available in a variety of shades. I find this product good at covering grey hair but not as convenient to apply as the Indola mousse.

It needs to be applied to the hair, then left for 3 minutes and rinsed off before blow-drying.

NOTE: Not all stores stock this product, although it was still available on eBay at the time of writing this post. You may need to search the site as the availability changes frequently.

If cool brown isn’t available I use the warm brown version, although this has a lot more red pigment in it.

I tend to use the colour refresher a couple of times a week and the colour mousse each time I wash my hair because it helps with styling and controls static hair.

Out of the two, my favourite is the Indola Colour Mousse. You can find the best prices and view the colour range on Amazon.

Leganza Coloring Conditioner

Leganza colouring conditioner tops the lot and is my absolute favourite. I use the Chestnut colour, number 32 and more recently I’ve tried Bitter Chocolate, number 31 because it has less red pigment and suits my dark hair. There are plenty of other shades to choose from though.

To start with you do need to leave it on for around 45 mins and the times vary for the shade you are using.

It leaves the hair super soft and silky. After a couple of uses, I only needed to apply it when I washed my hair and left it for a few minutes as the colour seemed to hold.

I think this is a great natural alternative to hair colouring without any nasty chemicals.

Take a look at some of the reviews regarding Leganza. Like the Indola above, I can’t find this in the shops, so have to buy it from Amazon. If it’s not available there, I get it on eBay.

Do you have any favourite non-permanent hair colours? Please share with us below.

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Cover First Greys Without Permanent Hair Dye

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