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6 Savvy Ways to Steer Clear of Student Debt

You have always been super careful with your money, so becoming a student is a pretty daunting task for you. You are worried about getting through the months smoothly and have no idea how you are going to survive on such a tight budget. Your goal has always been money-saving, but you aren’t quite sure how you are going to achieve this whilst you are studying.

Getting into debt is probably one of your worst nightmares; you would never want to climb into a deep dark hole like that. Before you start panicking, let’s explore six savvy ways that you can keep your finances under control whilst you are a student.

1. Be Careful With Credit Cards

It can be so tempting to grab all the offers you can and take out a tonne of credit cards all at once. It means you have almost unlimited cash right? Wrong. You could be setting yourself up for serious trouble if you don’t actively seek out the best student credit cards. Credit cards aimed solely at students will give you way more benefits than any other types. Choose wisely and explore all of your options before you make your final decision. *Compare credit cards on Money Supermarket.

  1. Research Your Entitlements

As a student, you might be entitled to certain loans or grants from the government depending on your financial situation. Make sure you do your research, as you might be able to claim more than you think.

  1. Choose Your Living Situation Carefully

When you are a student you have to expect to live like one; sharing houses and flats are what the student experience is all about. Consider how much a month your accommodation is going to cost you. If you know it is way out of your budget then you will need to reconsider and find somewhere more suitable.

  1. Be Smart With Social Events

There are so many advertisements for student nights when you first start at university. Pick and choose the events that are going to be truly enjoyable for you and don’t feel forced into wasting money on social scenes you don’t want to go to.

  1. Plan Your Meals

Eating well as a student is really tough; it can be tempting to order pizza every night for a week, especially when you’re feeling rough. Find a good meal planner online to help you prepare your breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas each week. This will help save on waste and money!

  1. Cut The Luxuries

If you are a coffee addict try and reign it in whilst you are a student otherwise you are going to be wasting a lot of pennies. Fancy lattes and loose leaf teas cost an arm and a leg from popular coffee chains, so make your hot beverage before you head out for the day and you will save a lot of money.

You have the knowledge and the understanding of money to keep everything completely under control whilst you carry out your studies. College and university should be enjoyed by every student, so try not to be counting pennies when you should be out having a good time.

Financial planning and budgeting will be the key to your financial success; as long as you seek out the right credit card for you, research your loan entitlements, plan ahead whenever possible and cut down on those unnecessary luxuries you will be absolutely winning.

6 Savvy Ways to Steer Clear of Student Debt

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