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Having a business that’s run entirely online is the way to go in this day and age, especially since the coronavirus pandemic hit earlier this year. People all over the world are using their phones to browse online, and that’s great news for online businesses. However, every other online business will have the same idea as you; utilise the fact that more people than ever are online! With all of that competition, how can you grow your business and stick out from the crowd? Here are 7 effective ways of growing your online business.

7 Effective Ways Of Growing Your Online Business

Create high quality and engaging content

When people visit your website, you want them to stick around for as long as possible and make a purchase, right? To do this, you must create *high quality and engaging content to keep people interested. Whether this is in the form of a helpful blog post with links to your products or services, your welcome page, or even your product descriptions, the copy needs to be well written and informative. If this is a grey area for you, consider hiring a writer to rewrite your website so it’s engaging and keeps people on your website.

You should also look into improving the *SEO (search engine optimisation) on your website too, as this will help rank your website higher within search engines when people search for keywords related to your website. Doing this will also help increase your domain authority (DA) which in turn, also helps you rank higher in search engines.

Experienced writers will be able to incorporate SEO into their writing naturally, so it’s definitely worth hiring someone to rewrite your website.

Make it easier for customers to pay

It’s important to make the transfer of money easy for your business. When people come to checkout on your website, what payment options do you offer?

Can people use a fast checkout through PayPal, and do you accept all types of payment cards?

If you’re answering no, then it might be time to consider making it easier for customers to pay. This will prevent any shopping baskets from being abandoned at the last stage of payment!

You may also want to look at how you’re moving money around as a business too. Effective money transfer will help things run smoothly and prevent any important payments from being late.

If you were to pay suppliers in India, for example, how would you move the money around? Looking at fast, secure, and effective ways to move money is important for helping your business thrive and can help maintain strong relationships between your business and its suppliers.

Define who your target audience is

As lovely as it would be, you’re never going to appeal to everyone with your products or services, and it’s important to define who your target audience is.

The reason for this is so that you can effectively *create marketing content that’s going to appeal to these people. If you sell technology, for example, *high-quality images and videos of the latest technology are going to appeal to them rather than some writing in an image trying to get their attention. Define your target audience so you can tailor your marketing content.

7 Effective Ways Of Growing Your Online Business

Design strong brand imagery

Designing and maintaining a strong brand image is imperative for businesses in this day and age, especially with businesses popping up here, there, and everywhere.

You’ll need to choose (and consistently use) a font, a colour scheme, tone of voice and a logo. Doing this consistently will help customers recognise you as a brand, and this also helps build trust and familiarity with potential customers, meaning they will come to you first.

Vamp up your social media game

Utilising social media is a great way of reaching out to current and potential customers. People of all different ages, genders, interests and locations use social media every day, and you should take advantage of that by reaching out using your social media accounts. Here are some tips on how to utilise social media for your business:

  • Create eye-catching images and videos to help engage people enough into following your account
  • Post regularly to ensure you’re appearing at the top of people’s news feeds
  • Use only industry relevant hashtags. Avoid using spammy hashtags such as “followforfollow” or “like” as Instagram’s algorithm flags these accounts and decreases their visibility.
  • Create interactive stories using Instagram to encourage people to get involved and get to know your business.
  • Host giveaways and competitions to encourage people to like, comment, follow and ultimately, share your content.

There are many tips and tricks you could use to increase your following on social media. Remember that it may take some time to build up a strong dedicated fan base, but it’s worth it in the long run!

Team up with complementary businesses

A great way of growing your business is by teaming up with another business that’s complementary to yours to create an offer or promotion. Then, both yourself and your partnering company will share this promotion on your website, in emailers, and on social media.

This helps with exposure for both companies, and can help quickly grow your following and most importantly, sales! Take some time to search for businesses that would complement your products or services and reach out to them! You’ve got nothing to lose!

Consider outsourcing

Running a business online takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes you simply cannot do it all! Your time may be focused on searching for new clients, or ensuring your website runs smoothly and effectively, and other areas of your business may suffer because of this.

*Outsourcing is a great way of ensuring everything is done to the highest of quality. You might consider outsourcing a graphic designer, or maybe even a freelance writer to create regular engaging content. Either way, it’ll take a load off your back and ensure your business continues to grow!

Growing your business online takes careful planning and thought, but with these tips, you’ll soon begin to notice the difference!

7 Effective Ways Of Growing Your Online Business

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