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Blogging kit.

This bundle is a must-have for budding bloggers. The bundle includes a versatile Blog Planner and a guide on Setting Up a WordPress Blog on SiteGround.

Blog Post Planner Features

  • Post ideas – Space to write down your ideas
  • The final cut – Topics that you decide will make it to your blog
  • Post Title
  • Call to action
  • Post Categories
  • SEO keywords
  • Checklist – A checklist for SEO finalised, Content written, Images created, Scheduled and Posted.
  • Social share – Tick each social network when you have shared.

The pdf is US letter-sized and also prints fine on A4 paper.

Free e-book

In addition to the planner, this bundle includes a free e-book that provides a step-by-step guide on setting up a WordPress blog on SiteGround, making it an ideal resource for those starting their blogging journey.

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