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In a world where health is increasingly becoming a major concern, initiatives like the NHS Healthy Start Scheme in the UK are playing a crucial role in enhancing public health. This scheme is a government initiative that provides assistance to pregnant women, new mothers, and young children from low-income families, helping them make healthier food choices. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the Healthy Start Scheme, its benefits, and how it works.

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What is the NHS Healthy Start Scheme?

The National Health Service (NHS) Healthy Start Scheme is a UK initiative that provides vouchers, also known as Healthy Start food vouchers, to eligible low-income pregnant women, mothers, and families with children under the age of four. The aim of the program is to help them afford nutritionally balanced food, particularly fresh fruit and vegetables, cow’s milk, and infant formula milk.

This scheme also provides free vitamins to those who qualify, ensuring pregnant women, new mothers, and young children receive vital nutrients to support their health.

Who Can Benefit from the Healthy Start Scheme?

The Healthy Start Scheme is designed to aid those who may struggle to afford the necessary nutrition for their families. This includes:

  • Pregnant women (from 10 weeks pregnant)
  • Mothers with children under one-year-old
  • Families with children under four years old

However, to qualify for this scheme, you must be a UK resident and be receiving certain benefits such as:

  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Child Tax Credit with an annual family income of £16,190 or less
  • Universal Credit with a total income of £408 or less per month for the family

If you’re pregnant and under 18, you qualify for the Healthy Start scheme regardless of the benefits you get.

How Does the Healthy Start Card Work?

In 2021, the NHS transitioned from paper vouchers to a pre-paid card system, known as the Healthy Start card, making it easier for families to use. The card is loaded with funds every four weeks and can be used to buy any of the eligible Healthy Start foods in participating shops, supermarkets, and pharmacies across the UK.

As of the date of writing, each Healthy Start payment is worth £4.25 per week for pregnant women and for each child from birth to one year old, and £8.50 per week for each child aged one to four.

Benefits of the NHS Healthy Start Scheme

The Healthy Start Scheme presents numerous benefits, among them:

  • Improved nutrition: The scheme enables families to buy healthy foods, leading to improved nutrition and better overall health.
  • Financial support: The scheme provides financial support to families who might struggle to afford nutritious food.
  • Increased health awareness: By encouraging the purchase of healthier food options, the scheme also helps to raise awareness about the importance of a balanced diet.


Can you buy anything with a Healthy Start card?

The Healthy Start card is designed to help eligible families purchase specific types of food to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet. These include:

  • Fresh, frozen or tinned fruit and vegetables
  • Plain fresh or frozen milk (whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed)
  • Infant formula milk that’s based on cow’s milk and says on the packet that it can be used from birth
  • Pulses (like lentils, beans, peas and chickpeas) either dried, canned or frozen

The card cannot be used to buy any food or item that is not within the guidelines of the Healthy Start Scheme. This includes items like confectionery, alcohol, processed foods, or non-food items.

It’s always a good idea to check the most current rules and guidelines on the NHS Healthy Start website or with a participating retailer.

Can you withdraw money from the NHS Healthy Start card?

No, you cannot withdraw money from the NHS Healthy Start card. The funds on the card are specifically intended for the purchase of the approved foods within the Healthy Start scheme.

The Healthy Start card works similarly to a gift card or a pre-loaded debit card and can be used at any shop that is registered with the Healthy Start scheme. The card is automatically topped up every four weeks with the relevant amount based on eligibility criteria.

How often is Healthy Start paid?

Healthy Start payments are made every four weeks. The Healthy Start card is automatically topped up with the appropriate funds based on the eligibility of the recipient.

Can you buy potatoes with the Healthy Start card?

Yes, the Healthy Start card can be used to buy potatoes. The card is designed to encourage the purchase of fresh, frozen, or tinned fruit and vegetables, and potatoes are included in this category. The goal of the Healthy Start Scheme is to ensure that families have access to a variety of nutritious foods, and potatoes, with their rich vitamin and mineral content, certainly contribute to a balanced diet.

Remember, for the most current guidelines on what can be purchased with the Healthy Start card, it’s always a good idea to check the NHS Healthy Start website or consult with a participating retailer.


The NHS Healthy Start Scheme is a commendable initiative that provides much-needed support to those who need it most, helping to create a healthier nation. It ensures that every child, irrespective of their socioeconomic background, has a healthy start in life.

If you think you might be eligible for the Healthy Start Scheme, or know someone who could benefit from it, visit the Healthy Start website for more information and to apply online.

Discover the NHS Healthy Start Scheme, a UK initiative aiding low-income families to make healthier food choices. The Healthy Start card offers financial support and promotes better nutrition for a healthier nation.

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