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Operating a business and coping with the covid-19 pandemic created chaos for businesses worldwide; action needs to be taken. According to statistics, the 2020 financial year in retail was the worst in quite some time, and its effects on local businesses and families were enormous. Many companies had to resort to the online market to survive this ordeal. According to specialists in the industry, the online means of trade is the future, after the lockdowns’ effects. Many individuals had to resort to online shopping to maintain their lifestyle. 

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With the technology at our disposal, establishing an online profile and marketing your business to increase sales and profitability isn’t so challenging anymore. With a few simple steps, you can create and perfect your online business marketing techniques.

Google receives more than 5 billion searches per day. According to research, 50% of online transactions are triggered by a search from the consumer. The ability to have such a wide variety of people accessible via couriers, selling on the internet is an outstanding opportunity. Follow these simple steps to transform your business into an e-commerce business. 

#1 Create A Website

Some years ago, the development and man-hours behind a website were somewhat costly; after the WordPress software release, the industry was changed completely. The software does the coding on your behalf, and you use drag and drop methods to build the perfect site. It also gives you themes and colour schemes which makes it much easier to create a website. You can also purchase plugins to add functionality to your online store. One right decision could change your life forever, especially when you start an online business. 

#2 Search Engine Optimization

Once you’ve obtained a website and plugged in software for an e-commerce platform, you can start marketing your products and services. One great strategy to market your online business is through using search engine optimization (SEO). This is the process of increasing your online web traffic quality and quantity by using organic search engine results. Using SEO also directly affects your ranking on Google. Ensuring your content is mistake-free, and consists of various internal and external backlinks are crucial. 

This keyword research tool will help you target the right keywords for your products and services.

#3 User-Experience 

Your website traffic’s overall user experience is one of the determining factors of your business ranking on Google. Many different aspects affect this, from slow-loading webpages to navigation difficulty; consider a crawl budget to completely optimise your visitors’ experience.

Google’s ranking algorithm will notice if individuals don’t like your platform, and your ranking will be affected by this. The more comfortable end users are on your platform, the more likely they will purchase on your website.

This modern marketing technique can be used in all industries, many people with a problem will Google it eventually, and if you can solve it for them in one transaction, you’ve got a sale. Make sure you spend sufficient time on your marketing as it’s one of few ways to stand out from competitors.

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