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“Don’t ever let your business get ahead of the financial side of your business. Accounting, accounting, accounting. Know your numbers”.

Tilman J, Fertitta

FreeAgent The Accounting Software I Recommend

When you run a business no matter what size, you need to keep your accounts in order. FreeAgent is the accounting software I recommend and use for my business.

FreeAgent has been around since 2007. One thing that attracted me to this company is that the software calculates your self-assessment liability. When it’s time to file it you can submit your tax return directly to HMRC from your account.


Bank accounts can be connected to FreeAgent and transactions are automatically imported saving lots of time.


The dashboard brings together your invoices, expenses, bank accounts and more, helping you keep your business in order.


Here are a few of the great features:


If you need to send estimates for your business you can impress your customers with a great-looking estimate.  Choose from a professionally designed one or create your own, you and add your logo too.

Expense Tracking

FreeAgent lets you track all the expenses you incur while running your business.

Time Tracking

Track the time spent on projects accurately, so can price time spent on projects accordingly. No more guessing.


If you’re VAT registered, FreeAgent automatically generates your VAT returns, reminds you when payment is due and then lets you submit them online directly to HMRC.

To see all the features FreeAgent provides, why not try FreeAgent for free here for 30 days and get 10% off your subscription.

Lastly, another great reason to use FreeAgent is their referral scheme. Refer people, and if they sign-up then go on to subscribe you’ll both receive a 10% subscription discount. 

For every person who signs up and subscribes using your code, you’ll receive an additional 10% discount, until you’re using FreeAgent for Free!

Find out why FreeAgent is the go-to accounting software for businesses. Simplify taxes, track expenses, and manage invoices effortlessly. Try it for free!

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