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After almost two years, the COVID-19 pandemic is still with us. Despite more than half of the entire population being vaccinated, governments still urge their populace to stay at home and be safe from the virus. Unfortunately, this is problematic for most people, especially those who are trying to get a job.

Experts estimate that about four million people in the United States have graduated from 2020 to 2021. That’s a lot of people graduating during the pandemic. Although graduating is a great feeling by itself, it’s not so great if you know you can’t get a job.

If you’re having problems getting a job this year, then you should consider some of the strategies listed in this post. These will help you get the exposure you need among employers out there.

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Utilize Online Platforms

Everything is online now, including employment. Millions of people are utilizing online platforms to get themselves hired.

If you haven’t looked into online platforms yet or signed up for them, you should. Platforms such as LinkedIn will help you get the boost you need to get hired. So many employers are looking for potential hires in such a platform, and you should get yourself known by following this simple guide.

Make Your Profile as Comprehensive as Possible

Employers like it when their potential candidates are transparent. This means listing all your skills and experience in your profile. You should also list your achievements and, most importantly, volunteer work or part-time jobs you think can help your chances of getting hired. These are things that many employers will not ignore when looking through your profile.

Create a Compelling Headline

The only thing that employers will see during a search is your name, photo, and your headline. Your headline should inform your potential employers directly about what you’re interested in or the course you’ve recently graduated from. Give them something to click on your profile.

Build Your Network and Follow Companies You Are Interested In

You need to build your network by connecting with people in your field and many others out there. You should also consider following the companies you’re interested in. There are about 55 million companies on LinkedIn alone. It’s impossible that you can’t find a company you’d like to work for on the platform. Following them will ensure that you’ll get noticed.

Go to Online Job Fairs

Next is to visit online job fairs. There are a ton of online job fairs being held right now by various companies and universities. It might not be the same as the job fairs you might have visited during your high school years, but it’s worth giving it a shot.

Online job fairs are one of the ways you can get the exposure you need in your field. Various companies will interview you for a short time and accept your résumé/CV. It’s better than applying for a job randomly, that’s for sure.

Try Out a Recruitment Agency

If you’re desperate, then you should consider trying out an online recruitment agency. These agencies have connections to various companies, and they will make it easier for you to get hired if you’re in the specialist sector. It’s good to sign up with more than one agency to increase your chances. However, they will still interview you, so make sure to be at your best when signing up.

Pursue Higher Education

You’re always going to need a plan B. If you can’t get hired, you should consider pursuing higher education, like taking an online master’s degree course. It’s the best time to pursue higher education because you’ll certainly have time for it, and online education is only getting better by the minute. So it’s your best plan B if you can’t get hired this year.

Start Another Course

This might be counter-intuitive for you, but you must know by now that the field you are in might not be the best. If you’re not getting hired or getting any calls from companies, it’s because the course you’ve recently graduated in is over-saturated. This means that you might want to consider other options.

Currently, the best courses you can start during the pandemic are cybersecurity and marketing. Both are trillion-dollar industries and are growing rapidly. This will ensure that you’ll get hired the moment you’ve graduated.

Start a Business

The last option is to start your own business. Thousands of graduates have decided that this path is meant for them during the pandemic. It doesn’t require them to get hired and ensures they have decent revenue during the pandemic.

Getting a job during this pandemic won’t be as hard if you follow our tips. However, if you still can’t find a company that’s willing to hire you, then you should consider the other options listed above.

Getting yourself hired as a fresh graduate shouldn't be so hard. Here are some tips you can utilize when trying to get a job during these trying times.

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