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Odds are, during at least one point in your life you were subjected to marketing copy. Of course, this promotional prose can sometimes be quite informative, but also misleading, and certainly designed to make you buy or engage with a brand, event or purchase. As a business leader, it’s understandable why you would want to subvert that – to sound better, more inventive and more interesting than all the other competitors designing the exact same sales pitch.

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For that reason, sometimes it’s worth recognising that communication includes but is not just limited to text. You need only see the sleek, interesting logo and store design of Apple’s branding and retail outlets to see what the brand stands for before they even speak a word – cutting-edge tech today, utility, usability, and yes, fashion.

For this reason, learning how to communicate your brand without all the spiel is not only useful for marketing purposes, but it helps you become even more familiar with your brand, too. 

Sample Your Product

With a capable product sampling agency, you can easily digest your product into an easy-to-understand, worthwhile-to-try, perfectly condensed version of what you have to offer. This can work for many items, such as food products, simple gadgets, and more.

Sampling your product can also be about trialling a service with a free period before the monthly subscription kicks in, with the ability to cancel at any time. If you’re confident about your product, allowing customers or clients to try it with absolutely no risk on their end can work wonders.

Leverage Trusted Voices

Influencer marketing is big business, and it’s because when a customer sees that an influential figure or even celebrity they approve of likes your brand, they believe it is good enough to consider or at least know about.

For instance, protein powder supplement firms might sponsor an Instagram fitness influencer with shout-outs in return, or sponsor an event necessary to get their brand name out there. This also gives you a sense of relevance within a market, such as how FashionNova sponsored many hip-hop artists to sit within trendy subcultures.

While transparency around advertisements online is important to consider, this doesn’t have to limit your outreach, allowing a trusted voice to do all the hard work for you.

Pathways Of Interaction

It’s important to consider the pathways of interactivity a potential customer could have with your brand. So for instance, you may decide to let a customer set up an account and view your entire storefront even if they choose not to order anything, just so they can see exactly what you have, what promotions are available to them, and the justifications to give you a try.

Promotions, discounts, friend invite referrals, all of this can offer someone a new way to interact with your brand (and understand what it’s about) than simply finding you because of advertising and doing all the work themselves.

With this advice, you’re certain to communicate your brand well, but this time without all the usual tiresome spiel.

How Can I Communicate My Brand, Without All The Spiel?

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