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Asking for help is one of the most pivotal aspects of your business. When you are starting up it’s important to recognise that you can’t do everything at once. This is why outsourcing is so important, especially when it comes to technical components. But why is it so important to outsource your security, either to a security operations centre (SOC) or an external party?

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The Ability to Remain Reactive

A SOC will identify cyber threats in real-time using a number of sources within the organisation, such as log data analysis. Log data is crucial to maintaining a strong security infrastructure, especially if the modern business environment of reacting to threats is not proving effective.

Many modern businesses demand constant monitoring to protect themselves, a lot have a very limited focus. They will only focus on certain aspects that only skirt around the issue, for example, multi-factor authentication and encryption, which is only serving to put a metaphorical plaster over the wound. 

A small business should work with a managed provider that provides a holistic security strategy and robust comprehensive detection of threats. This doesn’t just include protecting the business but should involve cluing up employees through essential practices such as cyber security awareness training.

Outsourcing doesn’t just give you the opportunity to ensure your business stays protected but the addition of any security operations centre will guarantee that your business stays in the know.

What Should a Managed SOC Do? 

Provides Threat Intelligence Reports

The modern world of cyber threats is constantly evolving. Correlating events with numerous threat intelligence sources will provide analysis and critical context for any business to understand how open they are to attacks.

Because cyber threats are adaptive and cybercriminals constantly change their tactics, having up-to-date and up-to-the-minute reports are crucial. 

Reduce the Concept of False Alarms

This is also a very important component of a company that knows how to react to a situation. The vast majority of alerts on a daily basis tend to be false alarms.

While a managed SOC provider has to analyse data from a variety of sources, they also need to focus on eliminating false positives. Therefore, a platform needs to be adaptive enough to provide a business with the knowledge to continue effectively.

Productivity can falter in light of any alarm, whether a true or false one, so it is crucial to ascertain what is a real threat and what is not. 

Stop Remediating Threats

Many companies focus on limiting threats but they may only have limited capabilities, whether due to budget or a lack of knowledge, and it is crucial that any outsourced company is proactive in their incident investigation while also ensuring that they confirm the threat has been eradicated. 

Guaranteeing Businesses Can Manage Insight Into Their Threats

Many outsourced companies need to have visibility into the entire lifecycle. It’s not about dealing with the problem at the moment, but about making sure that they know where the threat came from, the systems it has affected, and where it could go next.

Providing effective entrapment before it has the opportunity to migrate into other systems is effective damage control. 

Providing Customised Controls 

Many providers offer a number of technologies, but it’s important to leverage existing technology in the way it was meant to be. An effective provider should be able to monitor a variety of sources and create custom solutions for your company.

What Is the Solution for Any Business Concerned With Its Cyber Security? 

Companies focusing on building their own security infrastructure in-house is something we all try to achieve so we can save money, but due to a lack of resources, it is not always effective.

Most businesses do not have the knowledge or the infrastructure to build and manage their own security operations centre. Small businesses in compliant industries need to have a detailed understanding of the threats so they can manage the risk within their organisation and respond effectively. So what is the solution? 

Outsourcing is one of the best methods because you are investing in an operation that relies on analysis from a variety of different sources. This will help any business to identify cyber threats in real time. 

Being up to the minute is pivotal to maintaining a strong security infrastructure in the modern landscape. Investing in cybersecurity is about incorporating real-time threat detection, but also making sure that companies guarantee visibility with threats, supply regular reports and also reduce false alarms becomes such a key currency.

SOCs have a number of solutions, but it’s important to remember that a Security Operation Centre is one crucial part of an organisation’s strategy to reducing threats, especially in cyber security.

How Outsourcing Your IT Security Can Seriously Benefit Your Business Practices

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