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Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a passive income from your blog, social media or your email list. Let’s look at how to join Awin, the global affiliate network previously known as Affiliate Window.

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How does Awin work?

Awin connects advertisers (brands) with publishers (affiliates). Referrals from a publisher’s site or social profile to an advertiser site are awarded a commission with every completed purchase they drive.

How do I join Awin?

Head over to the Awin website and fill out the registration form to sign up as a publisher. You will need to provide details of your promotional spaces (for example, your blog) and there is a small registration fee of £5 that will be refunded in your first commission payment. This is to verify your bank account and prevent unethical activity/

How to Make Money with Awin

Start off by thinking about your audience and what tools, products and services they would be interested in. Write down your ideas, then once you have a list, browse through all the advertiser’s profiles to see what they have to offer. 

When you’ve found an advertiser with something you wish to promote, you will need to apply and wait to be accepted. Some advertisers automatically accept requests and others like to manually review before accepting which can either be done quickly or take a few months before you hear you’ve been accepted.

Sometimes you will be rejected, but don’t be disheartened, there are plenty more advertisers to choose from. Just put this behind you and move on.

Once accepted, you can create tracking links to insert into your blog posts or share on social media. Ready-made banners can also be added to your site. These can be found in my creatives section.

If a reader clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission for the sale as long as the product isn’t returned.

Awin Tools

Link Builder

This is a handy tool to create affiliate links to specific pages. Copy and paste the URL for the brand’s page and paste it into the link builder, select the brand and it will generate your unique affiliate link for that page.


By Inserting a piece of code onto every page on your website (Awin has instructions on how to do this) and turning on Convert-a-link in your dashboard, Awin will automatically convert any normal links you have on your website to advertisers affiliate links. Awin will also apply to a program on your behalf if you’re not already joined the brand’s affiliate program.

My Awin

This is a handy Chrome browser extension that allows you to quickly get tracking links when you’re browsing the web. It can also be used to discover brands that are on Awin and apply to their programs. 

If this sounds good, sign up to Awin here. You may also wish to read the helpful Awin Publisher Help Page.

Join Other Affiliate Networks and Programs

Try not to stick with just one network or program, join others so that you have plenty of choices. 

Here are a few programs I recommend you sign up for:

Amazon Associates – A link to Amazon Associates can be found at the bottom of the page where you can sign up. This is the UK website. The great thing about Amazon is that once a customer clicks through your link, it doesn’t matter what they buy, you still get a commission for it.

ShareAsale – Here you’ll find merchants covering every niche.

Clickbank –  Clickbank is an affiliate marketing network founded in 1998.

Media. Net – A great alternative to Google Adsense or use together for more Ad revenue. They also have an affiliate scheme. Read my post: An Alternative to Google Adsense.

Skimlinks – Skimlinks affiliates product links from your content automatically. Simply add a link and let Skimlinks do the work! This is similar to the Awin Convert-a-link.

Ultimate Bundles – Can help you to monetize your traffic and turn it into profit. Offer e-books, courses,  printables and resources to your readers for a discounted price.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a passive income from your blog, social media or your email list. Let’s look at how to join Awin, the global affiliate network previously known as Affiliate Window.

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