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The answer to that is yes if you have enough products to sell and want sales as soon as possible, selling on eBay is a great way to start making some money.

It’s not worth opening a shop with only a few items for sale because you will be paying out more in shop fees. In this case, it’s best to just list normally.

It’s only worth opening a shop when your costs work out more to list without a shop than with one.

Should I Open an eBay Shop?

The Benefits Of Having An eBay Shop

I’ve been selling on eBay for many years now and don’t hold much stock. I go out and buy items to resell and also have suppliers who will drop ship for me.

I find it beneficial to have a shop especially being a business seller. Having a shop enables me to set my listings to zero if an item goes out of stock, whereas not having a shop I would have to end the listing.

Holiday Settings

When going on holiday eBay shops have holiday settings that prevent people from purchasing from your store while you are away. This is not possible to do without a shop and you’d have to end all your listings to stop people buying from you.

Shop Prices

I’ve taken a snapshot of the shop prices at the time of writing this post from my account pictured below:

eBay Shop Prices 2018

It can be quite pricey selling on eBay, but if you compare it to selling from your own website and paying out for advertising, it isn’t that bad.

eBay listings are added to Google Shopping. This is a big expense when owning your own website, plus there are lots of shoppers searching on eBay who are more likely to feel safer buying from an eBay shop than they would be buying from an independent website.

An independent website takes time to build and gain customers trust and sales. With eBay, sales can be achieved quickly. However, saying that I do recommend that once you get regular sales from eBay that you open your own e-commerce website and start directing your customers to that.

The reason for this is that if anything went wrong or your eBay shop got suspended for any reason, you’d lose your income and may not be able to get the shop back.

As a partner with EKM I can provide you with a 28-day free trial. This gives you lots of time to set up a professional e-commerce store. Get 28 days free here!

I price items higher to cover eBay fees and find it doesn’t put sellers off. You don’t have to list everything at rock bottom prices, just provide a good service and in time you’ll be rewarded with repeat customers and followers. I accept payments by PayPal and have my listings all set as ‘buy it now.’

If you choose to sell on eBay and open an eBay shop always make sure you add your fees into the selling prices so that you don’t sell at a loss and don’t forget the Paypal fees too!

There are certain requirements for opening a shop, you’ll need:

  • An eBay seller account with your credit card on file
  • To be PayPal Verified for a basic shop (you may want to open a PayPal Premier or Business account)
  • An Above Standard or Top Rated seller level, if you want to open a Featured or Anchor eBay Shop

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