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In a time where there are a billion websites on the internet, we would estimate 500 million of these are about how to keep your employees happy, of which each one opens with, “give them a raise”. This is all well and good if you have money to spare, but what about when budgets are tight and justifying bonuses for each hard-working employee isn’t easy?

It’s tricky because when someone loves their work, takes pride in performing to the best of their ability and turns up on a Monday morning feeling valued, then your business is going to thrive. What’s a girl boss meant to do? Luckily, there are tons of ways you can keep your employees smiling and motivated without bumping up each of their salaries through the roof.

So, without further ado, here are some amazing ways you can keep smiles stretched wide, motivation levels high and job satisfaction dancing a jig:

Keeping Your Employees Happy Without A Raise

A Bit Of Extra Holiday Time

If there is one thing people value more than money, it’s a few days off. It’s having the time to enjoy life a little more. It’s freedom. But it’s not just about rewarding your top employees with some extra holiday time because you will find these people reward your trust by getting all their work done as a thank you. That means you’ll retain productivity while boosting morale, and for something your employees deserve – some well-earned time off.

Better Work-Life Balance

Nothing kills a person’s passion faster than that feeling they are working too hard for the weekend, which is why more and more businesses are understanding the importance of a better work-life balance. It’s about creating an environment where people feel connected to your company, have positive experiences in the office and still live a fulfilling life where they can be there for their kids, work from home on the odd occasion, take their birthday off and not have to work excessively long weeks.

Happy Company Culture

When your employees are happy, your company feels bustling and vibrant and positive, which is why you need to boost that feeling. If you have an office, dedicate a space for chilling out and building team relationships during breaks – think pool tables and sofas. If you don’t have an office because your employees work on sites, use portable buildings to create that common area where morale can be boosted. And that’s just one area. Supply group lunches, bring in wine on Friday afternoons, send them on courses to skill-up, send them away on business, anything that keeps smiles stretched wide.

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Create A Career Pathway

When people feel stuck in a job or a role, that’s when they start wondering what they are doing with their lives and that is a very negative headspace to be in. To counter this, help your employees understand the path their careers can take. Provide support with their development, give them better training, offer mentoring advice, and boost their hopes by explaining if they keep such and such up, they will fast get a promotion to this area. People want to know they are moving forward.

Keeping Your Employees Happy Without A Raise

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