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The fashion industry is turning a new leaf. It shows in their current trends, which are both sustainable and fashionable at the same time. However, these aren’t the only trends dominating the industry. Old clothes are becoming more attractive than ever, and influencers are becoming the primary marketing tool for many companies. These trends will propel the industry into the future, and you should be the first to know about them.

Old is New

Old clothes are making a comeback in the world of fashion, and all in the name of sustainability. Unfortunately, about 85% of the clothes disposed of by U.S. families end up in landfills, with many others being burned. This increases our already high carbon footprint and exacerbates the effects of global warming and climate change.

This is interesting because millennials spend the most on fashion, specifically, on clothes, with their average spending reaching almost $2,000 annually. However, millennials are also concerned about the environment more than any generation right now, so where’s all that money going? Towards old clothes in thrift shops.

More and more millennials are considering thrift shopping to support sustainability more than anything else. This kind of shopping also means that they can get more value from their purchases. Also, many of the old clothes in thrift shops aren’t all that used, making them essentially brand new in many people’s eyes.

The end of designer clothes and fast fashion will never reach its end. However, if you want to accumulate more wealth, it’s time to turn sustainable. Selling old clothes is an exciting decision, but if you genuinely want to turn a profit, it’s time that you turn to sustainable fashion.

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is all about recycling and reusing discarded clothes and other fashion materials. This is something that big fashion stores aren’t doing as much, but sports brands such as Adidas are making a significant lean towards sustainable fashion.

Interestingly enough, the sports fashion brand is making shoes out of plastic ocean waste. They’re also adding this manufacturing strategy into their sportswear and other products. Although these products are quite expensive when compared to other products in their stores, they are still a noble cause that gets millennials into purchasing their products.

The more the fashion industry starts investing in sustainable fashion, the more likely the costs of these products will start to become more affordable. Smaller fashion companies can’t put their money into sustainable fashion just yet, but it should be on their roadmap. It’s the only way going forward.

Clothes on a rail

Influencers Are Key

Influencers love looking good in front of the camera, so it makes sense that the fashion industry leverage these influencers as a robust marketing tool.

The newly invented influencer marketing is one way to bring your fashion in front of people’s eyes without needing to hold costly fashion shows. Influencers can be the ones to wear your products, and with some help from a commercial photography expert, you can make these influencers look like fashion models. You don’t have to spend money on expensive influencers either. Micro-influencers can have as much impact as macro-influencers when done right. Moreover, you can hire a lot more of them.

Saturating the market with your army of micro-influencers wearing your products is the best way to market yourself. It’ll undoubtedly convert many people into loyal fans of your brand.

All About Confidence and Empowerment

When it comes to fashion design, we have to embrace bolder and more empowering colours more than anything else. It’s a visual representation of what society has become, and it should transition in the way we look as individuals.

World trends demand us to become more confident in our individuality, and people want this design in our clothes. This is why brighter colours are becoming the primary choice for many fashion designers. Moreover, they are now taking more intricate risks than ever in their design, letting go of conservative ideals and more towards something provocative.

Confidence and empowerment should be the main ideas in your design, and you should leverage these design choices whenever you can.

Stop Fast Fashion

Lastly, it’s time that we stop fast fashion. Many industry leaders are just pumping out as many products as possible to maximize their profits. However, many rising industry stars are slowly transitioning out of fast fashion and into fashion that dedicates more time to their products while transitioning towards something more sustainable. If you want your company to succeed in the future, stop adopting fast fashion trends. Instead, take your time and design your products intelligently.

The world of fashion means a lot to many millennials globally, but they are not sacrificing the world for it. It’s time that we transition into sustainable fashion trends and let influencers market our products. These are two main vital strategies to become successful in the fashion industry.

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The fashion industry is making a huge change in the way it does things. It’s time that you know these trends and leverage them for the success of your company.

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