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What is an affiliate agreement?

An affiliate agreement is for anyone who wants to work with affiliates and run an affiliate program for their business. An affiliate agreement is a contract between you and your affiliates. The agreement lays out terms and conditions that apply to your affiliates when they promote your products and services.


Do I need an affiliate agreement?

Yes, an affiliate agreement is an important legal document. Many people make the mistake of not having any affiliate terms and conditions and later get into legal disputes with their affiliates over commissions, payments, copyright violations and other violations! Don’t let this be you.

What Should be Included in an Affiliate Agreement?

Here are some of the Important legal provisions that should be included:

  • Affiliate program registration process and cookie period.
  • What is the commission percentage? How much are you going to pay affiliates?
  • Payment terms. How and when are your affiliates going to get paid?
  • Relationship of the parties. This needs to be spelt out in the contract. Define that affiliates are independent contractors and not your employees and that they are responsible for their own taxes.
  • Trademark and copyrights. Use of your images or logos. Clarify that you are giving them legal permission to use them strictly for affiliate marketing purposes.
  • Spell out legal compliance and disclosures. Make sure affiliates follow these rules and regulations and are legally promoting your products and services.
  • What happens when someone doesn’t follow your rules? Include a termination clause.
  • Governing law provision – How and where legal disputes between you and your affiliates will be resolved.

A detailed legal contract is essential, one that covers all bases will give you more legal protection.

There are at least 20 more legal provisions that you need in an affiliate agreement so that it fully protects you.

This affiliate agreement makes the whole process easy for you and less of a headache.

Should I use a free affiliate program agreement template?

Free online templates cannot be relied on. Don’t waste your time trying to create your own agreement, you’ll waste hours trying to find the best one and they won’t protect you.

Make sure that you purchase legal documents from a known lawyer. As the saying goes – You get what you pay for!

Businesses are sued daily for not having proper legal contracts and for breaking the law, so don’t trust your business to free affiliate templates that you have found online. 

Affiliate program agreement to use on multiple sites, ready in minutes

This affiliate agreement template by lawyer Amira Irfan comes as an editable word document that you can easily customize. It can be used on multiple websites so you only need to buy one license.

You only have a few custom fields to fill in based on your business, and it comes with clear instructions on how to do it. 

Once you are done customizing the template as instructed then you can begin using it in as little as 15 minutes.

Make a website affiliate agreement quickly and use it on multiple websites.

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