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Have you ever thought about making your office space a more eco-friendly environment? There are so many different ways that you can go about this. Plus, there’s no reason not to. When you make decisions to run your business in a more environmentally friendly fashion, the planet benefits, people benefit and your business benefits.

Nowadays, more and more consumers are looking to shop with businesses that share their values and with increasing numbers of people trying to reduce their carbon footprint, going green is a really good stance to take! But where can you get started? Here are a few ideas that should guide you on this journey.

A woman who has cycled to the office

Start Recycling

What do you currently do with your business waste? Most companies simply have a third party collect it and it ends up in a landfill. Avoiding this is possible. You should, instead, invest in some recycling bins that are clearly labelled and encourage your staff to recycle their waste throughout the day.

This Addis Set of 3 Recycling 60 Litre Office Waste Bins with Colour Coded Swing Lids, Grey with Red, Blue and Yellow could be a useful addition to your office.

This could be anything from waste paper to lunch packaging and empty bottles. Then arrange for this waste to be recycled. This can help the planet, with the waste materials being used to create something new rather than going in the trash.

Encourage Green Commutes

Your staff have to get into the office somehow, but it’s a good idea to encourage your team members to commute in a more eco-friendly way where possible. There are different ways to do this.

You could work to organise ride-sharing between people who live near one another. You could have a Cycle Shelter built on your land so that your team can cycle to work and leave their bicycles safe during their shift. You could subsidise public transport passes. Sure, these things require investment, but they are really good in the long run.

Switch to a Green Energy Provider

Is your office using green energy? Make sure to check which providers operate in your local area and make sure that you use an energy provider that is getting their energy from green sources.

Sometimes this can cost a little extra, but it’s worth it for the benefits to the planet. You may even want to look into having solar panels installed. This way, your business can generate its green energy.

Work With Other Eco-Friendly Companies

Chances are you collaborate with other businesses. Where possible, show a preference for businesses that share your values and are also trying to implement more green operations. This will show mutual support and will encourage companies who do want to work with you to take a more environmental stance when it comes to their operations.

Going green isn’t always straightforward, but hopefully, some of the information outlined above will help you to do what you can for the planet while at the same time running a productive and successful company!

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Have you ever thought about making your office space an eco-friendlier environment? There are so many different ways that you can go about this.

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