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2020 Marketing Plans That Will Work

Marketing has always been a great way for any business to get their brand into the public eye and into the eye of people who are potentially going to turn into customers. But what are customers seeing when you’re marketing, and are they even seeing you at all?

Marketing can be so hard to get right because the budget is so hard to manage. Often it’s wasted on marketing techniques that aren’t going to make as much of a difference as some of them could.

It’s also important to remember that some marketing techniques you chose are just not going to work at that time because the market was crowded with other businesses marketing their own.

A prime example is the TV adverts. If your brand is not big enough and your advert is not the best, people are going to look away from your business and towards others.

So, we’re going to talk about some of the marketing methods that you need to use.

SEO & An Optimized Website

If you’re an e-commerce business, in particular, you need to be able to focus on your rankings and how easily spotted you are within search engines.

If you do a search relevant to your business, yours will no doubt not turn up on the first page.

SEO uses methods such as link building to actively improve your search engine rankings for keywords. Customers are either going to search directly for your business, which they’ll find it right away, or they’ll be searching for keywords and choosing the most trustworthy one, which is usually always the one on the first page.

Having your website optimized also allows you to track clicks and conversions, giving you data as to where your business is getting sales from. This will also allow you to change certain tactics if needs be. 

Great Trade Shows

Trade shows should become a staple of your business. There will no doubt be at least one trade event related to your niche that you could go for. But you need to be able to make a good impression. So many of these events are full of businesses all fighting for the attention of the same customers that you are.

So, you should look at trade show booth displays to get an idea of the type of display that you want. It all depends on the space that you have and what you want to put on show.

Putting something on show to entice people in is essential. Setting up some sort of game where the winner gets a good prize at the end of the day is also a great idea. It gets people over to your stand and interested in your business. 

Big Adverts

There are some big adverts that you can put out in so many different ways. One big and in-your-face way of marketing is billboard marketing, and I’d definitely recommend giving this one a go if your marketing budget is too small for TV adverts. Only big brands tend to have a lot of success from their TV adverts.

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What are customers seeing when you're marketing and are they even seeing you at all? Here are some marketing plans that will work.

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