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My daughter and I have just opened a Shopify store, however, as soon as it was opened we were inundated with spam marketing emails offering their services to improve our store. Many new Shopify store owners find themselves bombarded with these unsolicited messages that are likely generated by marketing bots. In this blog post, we’ll have a look at a couple of strategies to help mitigate marketing email spam in your Shopify store and reduce these annoying bots.

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The Nuisance of Shopify Spam Marketing

Marketing is essential for your business’s success. There’s a fine line between legitimate promotion and annoying spam. Opening a Shopify store exposes your information to web crawlers and data harvesters, who then employ bots to send mass marketing emails. These bots scrape publicly available data, including email addresses, and use it to inundate your inbox with irrelevant offers.

Why Shopify Stores are Targeted by Bots

Shopify is a widely used e-commerce platform, making it an attractive target for marketing bots. When you launch your store, the information you provide becomes accessible to these automated bots. They harvest your email address and use it to populate their databases, unleashing a torrent of marketing emails your way.

The Impact of Spam Marketing

The consequences of Shopify spam marketing emails can be quite distressing. Your inbox gets cluttered, making it difficult to identify important messages from customers or suppliers. Additionally, some of these emails may contain phishing attempts or malicious links, posing a cybersecurity risk to your business.

Can You Get Rid of Shopify Spam Marketing Bots?

At present, I’m not sure if you can totally eliminate these emails. I have activated the spam protection within our Shopify store and enabled Google reCAPTCHA, We are still receiving these annoying emails though.

How to Enable Google reCAPTCHA in Shopify

Go to Online Store > Preferences and scroll down to Spam Protection and then check the two options: reCAPTCHA on contact and comment forms and reCAPTCHA on login, create account and password recovery pages.

Add a Note on Your Contact Page

Not all marketing emails are from bots, marketing emails sent by humans can be just as annoying. We added the following note on our contact page:

Please note: We do not accept any marketing or promotional emails. Any such communications will be promptly deleted and the sender blocked.

We’re here to help our customers with any product-related inquiries or assistance with orders. To reach out, please fill out the form below or drop us an email.”

Never Respond to Spam

While it may be tempting to respond and tell them to stop, responding to a spam message confirms to the spammer that your email address is active, potentially leading to even more spam. It’s best to simply delete any spam messages that you receive.

Try an Anti-Spam App

There are apps available on the Shopify App Store that help reduce or eliminate spam. Look for apps with plenty of good reviews and a history of successful spam reduction.

While dealing with Shopify spam marketing emails can be a nuisance, don’t let them overshadow your new e-commerce venture. By understanding how these bots operate and implementing any prevention strategies available, you can keep your inbox cleaner and focus on growing your business.

Tired of spam marketing inundating your new Shopify store inbox? Learn  strategies to combat annoying bots and reduce irrelevant offers in this blog post.

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