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Here’s something for you to think about when you’re thinking of your next side business or career change. Instead of restricting yourself to the four walls of your home office, or whatever workplace you work in, why not consider a four-wheeled business idea?

Mobile Business Ideas To Steer Your Income Forwards

Especially for those of you who enjoy being out on the road, there are ideas in this article that may take your interest. Whether you use your car or buy something fit for a specific purpose, such as one of these used vans for sale, you can enjoy the freedom of the open road and benefit from the income you receive.

  • Open up a mobile shop. Aside from selling your goods online, you might also sell them from the back of a van or the boot of your car. Find out where the nearest car boot sales, craft fairs, and markets are, and then book yourself a spot to set up shop. You can make a living all year round, provided you are willing to travel wherever there is an opening.
  • Begin a professional service. Hire yourself out to others, using whatever specialist expertise you have. Simply chuck your equipment into the back of your van or car, and then travel to your customers. From gardening work to cleaning jobs, there are all kinds of services that would benefit the communities near you.
  • Sell advertising space. This is a simple way to make a passive income. Many companies use their own cars and vans to market their business with advertising decals and are often on the lookout for other people who will do the same. Provided you are willing to plaster your vehicle with their branded stickers, you will get paid for simply driving around town. You won’t make a living out of this idea, but you can top up your regular earnings.
  • Begin a mobile catering business. You can do this in two ways. For starters, you can adapt your van into a food truck and take your business almost anywhere, or you can use your van for your equipment and hire your services out to anybody needing a caterer. You will need to adhere to food-safety guidelines, and you will need to be able to cook (of course), but if you meet the criteria, then you can make a decent income from this business idea.
  • Teach people how to drive. Do you have what it takes to teach people how to drive? If so, consider working for an existing driving school, or starting up your own business. You will need to adapt your car or vehicle, and you will need to commit to extra training for yourself, but this is one service that will never be in short supply. Let’s just hope your nerves can take it!
  • Become a ‘woman with a van.’ From people moving house to anybody needing a local courier, you can advertise yourself out to anybody in need of the four wheels you possess. This is one business where you will always be in high demand, because your vehicle can be multipurpose, depending on what people need transporting.

These are only a few of the business ideas you can start with your car or van, but if you can think of more, let us know. Whether as a fully-fledged business idea or as a side-hustle, the choices you have are as long and wide as the open road ahead of you.

Mobile Business Ideas To Steer Your Income Forwards

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