Caution Genius At Work (Mostly): Funny Notebook/Journal

Caution Genius At Work (Mostly): Funny Notebook/Journal 100 pages


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Introducing the “Caution Genius at Work (Mostly)” 100-Page Lined Notebook, the perfect companion for your creative endeavours and moments of intellectual inspiration.

This whimsical notebook encapsulates the essence of your unique brilliance, all while sprinkling a healthy dose of humour into your daily note-taking.

The cover of this notebook features a vibrant illustration of a glowing light bulb, symbolizing the spark of genius that resides within you.

Open the pages of this notebook, and you’ll discover 100 lined pages awaiting your thoughts, ideas, and imaginative musings. Whether you’re jotting down your ingenious inventions, sketching out mind-bending concepts, or simply scribbling down a brilliant quote that strikes your fancy, these lined pages provide the perfect canvas for your intellectual exploits.

Size: 6 x 9 inches with a matte cover.

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