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Homeschool Planner & Record Book

Planner and Record Keeper for Home Educating. Undated, Use Any Time of The Year. Colour Interior.



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This 195-page homeschool planner & record book is for any home-educating parent to plan and record their child’s work.


– Space for name and year – Add your child’s name and school year or age.
– Year at a glance – 12 boxes to write down any important notes.
– Study register – Record and see at a glance how many days you have studied over the year by marking each box with a tick or a cross.
– Website tracker – Note down all the valuable study websites along with username, password and notes.
– Contacts – Note all your contacts e.g. other home educators, exam centres e.t.c. Take note of name, telephone, email and notes.
– Lesson planner – Plan your lessons. Day, date, subject and time.
– Work log/Planner – This can be used for either planning or for keeping a record of the lessons you have done each day. Contains 52 weeks, double-spread pages. Mon-Sat.
– Books to read – Note down any books that you come across as a reminder to buy or to hire from the library.
– Books read – Note down all the books read over the year.
– Progress – Take notes on the progress your child has made for each subject/topic.
– To-Do list – For goals or work to improve on. Tick each one when completed. There is space for top priorities, reminders and notes with a dot grid section at the bottom
– Activities – Note down activities you want to do or have completed. Note down places to go and things to buy.
– Dot grid paper – 12 pages.
– Lined paper – 12 pages.

The book has a matte cover and a white floral design. 195 pages in total.

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