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I found a great gadget some years ago that has helped me save a fortune on haircuts and easily cut my own hair.

Save money on haircuts by cutting your hair with a creaclip


This handy hair cutting tool is called Creaclip made by Creaproducts. It cost me around £30 at the time I bought it which was probably over 7 years and I’m still using it now. It will last you for years.

There are a lot of copies of this product on the market but *Creaclip is the original.

All you need is a *good pair of hairdressing scissors to cut your hair with. I have long hair which is pretty easy to cut,  I simply turn my head upside down, attach the clip and make sure it’s level (there’s a small spirit level which is easy to adjust) I then pull it down to the required amount I want to cut off.

To cut, simply angle the scissors and cut into the hair up to the clip or use *hair clippers. Don’t be tempted to use your kitchen scissors!

The finished result leaves slight layers from the chin which look great.

There are many styles that you can create with this super easy haircutting clip. The set also contains a smaller clip for cutting shorter hair and creating differently styled fringes.

It’s a great tool for *cutting hair and prevents those awful hair cutting mistakes plus it saves you lots of money by not having to pay out for expensive haircuts.

Check out the YouTube instructional videos, there are plenty of tutorials on there to give you ideas and instruct you how to cut hair without making a hash of it.

Save Money On Haircuts
Need a haircut but your hairdresser isn't available? Do it yourself using this handy tool so that you don't make a mess of it!
Cut your own hair without making a hash of it.
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