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You’ve had your table and chairs for years and it’s starting to look a bit tired. Our table is around 13 years old and also looks tired, especially the cream seats that are regularly sponged down in an attempt to keep clean.

Do you buy a brand new table? Purchasing a new one can cost a few hundred pounds and not everyone is in the position to be spending right now with the current Pandemic and energy crisis.

There are ways to spruce up your dining chairs. which in turn gives your table a brand new look that’s modern and doesn’t cost the earth!

Dining chairs with covers on them

Chair Covers

While browsing the internet for ways of making our own table look better, I came across some really easy-to-fit stretch chair covers that simply slip over each chair and surprisingly they really do give a great new modern look to the chairs and table as a whole.

Spandex Chair Covers

These Spandex Chair Covers are currently the best-selling on Amazon at the time of writing this post.

Made from a high persistence soft polyester-spandex yard fabric that washes well without colour fade.

There’s no need to reupholster your chairs with this simple solution. I’d recommend reading the positive reviews about these covers.

Chair covers can also be used in hotels and for weddings as a cost-effective way to spruce up dining chairs.

Chair Seat Covers

If you don’t want to cover the whole chair, you can just cover the seat. The covers again are elasticated and simply slip over the seat.

You’ll need to unscrew each cushion, pop the covers on, tie them if needed and then screw the seat back on. The underside has both ties and elastic, if your chair seats are screwed down, the ties may not be needed and can be cut off. Take a look at these velvet seat covers as an example.

Tie Cushions

For wooden chairs, try adding a tie-on cushion, a tie-on cushion adds style to your chair and it’s a lot more comfortable to sit on. There are so many attractive styles these days, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

There are ways to spruce up your dining chairs. which in turn gives your table a brand new look that's modern and doesn't cost the earth!

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