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If you want to keep your business up and running there are disasters you need to try and avoid. Of course, if it is a natural disaster such as an earthquake or floods there may not be too much you can do except to make sure you are insured for such events, but with most things, there are things you can do to keep your company afloat…

The Disasters to Avoid to Keep Your Business Afloat

Loss of Data

Data is sensitive and it’s worth big money, so losing it can sink your business without a trace. To avoid this happening, you’re going to want to have an excellent IT system in place. It can also be a good idea to use document storage services so that if the worst should happen, at least you will know that all your paperwork is safe. Make this a priority!

Work Accidents

Depending on the severity, accidents in the workplace can be very disruptive. Most of them can be prevented if the correct health and safety measures are in place. Breach the rules and you could find yourself in trouble with the government’s watchdog for these matters, the Health and Safety Executive.

They have the power to close your business until they feel it has been made safe. Comply with the health and safety rules that apply to your trade or profession and you greatly reduce the risk of any accidents at work.

As well as problems with officialdom you could have to face a personal injury compensation claim. Although your employers’ liability insurance should settle the claim, you still have to go through the process which can be stressful and time-consuming.


The problem with fraud is that most people are not aware that their systems are not safe enough to allow it to happen. It is often a fraud that shows up the loopholes that have let the fraud take place.

As businesses get larger there tend to be more fraud protection measures put in place, but small businesses are very vulnerable to having money or goods stolen. Many frauds are committed by employees, and no matter how much you trust them you will always need to keep a close check on your finances to make sure that money is not disappearing from your bank when it shouldn’t be.


Something bad to do with your company will spread far quicker than something good.  If you need to do a product recall or there is some sort of financial scandal, it can harm your business greatly.

If something like this occurs you need to show that everything possible is being done to rectify the situation if you want to retain your customer base.

Interruptions To Cash Flow

Cash flow is vital to your business. It is no use being owed thousands of pounds but not being able to pay the wages. Being profitable does not mean you will have plenty of cash in the bank if you are waiting for other businesses to pay their monthly bills. Keep a tight hold on the incomings and outgoings of your business, and give things like your wage bill priority if you do not have enough to pay for everything.

This problem should not arise if you are retailing, but when you are doing B2B sales, it can happen. You could try offering a small settlement discount if the customers will pay a little earlier, that often works and helps the cash to keep flowing into your bank account.

Avoid these disasters and a successful business may well be in your future!

Safeguard your business from potential disasters. Learn how to prepare, insure, and deal with challenges to ensure your company's resilience.

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