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Life as a work at home mum is tiring. Having to handle the numerous duties involved in keeping a household working like clockwork means that mothers are weary and frequently fed up. Fathers these days are shouldering more than they did even a decade before, but the bulk of tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and childcare still falls upon the woman of the house. When you throw work in there as well, then that is a recipe for an exhausting lady.

Managing everything requires discipline. Here are some smart ways to handle life as a work from home mum. When you keep these things in mind, your days will be less stressful and hectic.

Work at home mum with baby sat on her lap

Routine is Essential for a Work At Home Mum

As boring as it sounds, routine plays a big part in running a home with kids. Knowing what’s coming next brings a sense of security. Kids as young as babies thrive on routine as well. Involve your children by getting them to design their day. Get kids excited by giving them a treat if they stick to their plans.

Weekly planner complete with a piece of chunky chalk, hanging rope and tray.

Having a timetable as a rough guideline on activities throughout the day will help smooth things along. Have a board in your home that lists out times for meals, play, school, and chores. Plan your days out as well, to know when you have to do your grocery shopping, work, or relax.

If you home educate, a planner designed for home education is a must-have. You’ll be able to note down all that your children learn and plan lessons around your own work. I’m using the one below!

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Get Your Shopping Delivered

Take advantage of the services around you. Be smart with meal preparation. Planning your meals and prepping them in advance saves you time and keeps you sane. Knowing what you are cooking for the week allows you to shop smartly and avoid making emergency trips to the grocery store. Plan the week’s meals by using a meal planner.

These days, the ability to shop online takes away the heavy burden of having to lug all your kids to the supermarket and keep them from running wild while filling your trolley. Simply make a list, enter your order, and have your groceries delivered.

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Intertwine Tasks and Rewards

Intertwine tasks and rewards in your day. When we know that a reward is waiting for us after finishing up some important duty, we are more inclined to stick with it. A reward can be as simple as a marshmallow if they eat their meals well. Another example would be to let them have 15 minutes of screen time once they complete their homework.

The same thing applies to the mother. Have an impromptu dance party with your kids after completing chores. Once you finish checking your work emails, maybe you can relax with a favourite activity. After all, working hard at a task deserves a nice treat in the end.

Have Alone Time

One thing a mother faces once she gives birth to her first child is the loss of personal time. We all need time to ourselves, to reflect on our day or enjoy a nice book. Reserving some alone time in the day, whether it’s early in the morning before everyone awakes or once the kids are in bed is important.

Kids, too, need some time allocated to be alone to play or read by themselves. Give them something to accomplish during this time. An example would be to colour or draw something to be hung in their room. Inform them gently that they are not to bother you until a timer rings. This way, you get a chance to finish up some work and they get an opportunity to experience the pleasure of quiet time.

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Learn How to Let Things Go

Finally, the most important way to excel as a work from home mum is by learning how to let the little things go. If you pressure yourself too much to keep your home spotless while having to care for your children and performing well workwise at the same time, you are just setting yourself up for failure.

Understand that at times, you might miss out on vacuuming for a day or your kids might need more attention than usual. Relaxing on certain work demands and treating yourselves with ice cream once in a while will keep everyone happy. A chilled home environment means a happy family, and this will set you up for success, even though you are carrying the endless duties of wife, mother, and entrepreneur!

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