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The trend of working as a freelancer is increasing at a very rapid pace because it offers numerous benefits to professionals. To start with, you are your own boss and get to decide who you wish to work for.

The hassle of commuting on day to day basis does not exist which is yet another plus point.  Apart from that, freelancers can choose the time duration and place to work as well.

A lot of people start off properly as freelancers but fail to succeed in the long run. They make mistakes which result in shortened or ended careers. Let’s have a look at ten tips that can increase your income and success while working as a freelancer.

1. Picking a niche with consistent demand and using tools to help

The first mistake freelancers make is not picking the correct sector for getting work. Choose a sector that matches your expertise and one where there is plenty of work.

Bloggers usually have a lot of work coming their way if they have quality writing skills. However, for each post, they need to meet some important requirements. One of them is keeping a check on the word count.

An online word counter helps to ensure that articles are the right length.

A freelance writer is required to research and write to specific requirements such as a set number of words. The best way to do this is by using a good online tool that can help you with all kinds of letter count tasks. There is various software that dedicatedly serves this purpose and shows the accurate number of words.

You should always consider a character count tool using advanced algorithms and multiple supporting options. They are very easy to use, to perform a check, the user has to open the source file and copy the text from it. After that, it should be pasted in the text box provided.

Instantly the tool will read the content and determine the letter count. As a result, the writer does not have to accomplish any task manually.

A word counter that works well for freelance writers and bloggers is This is 100% free and quite simple to use and will quickly calculate your word count.

2. Plan your hours properly

A lot of freelancers ruin their professional careers due to procrastination and complacency. Even if you are working from home, having a routine is still very important. Set time each day that is dedicated to delivering tasks and stick to it.

3. Having a dedicated workspace is quite important

People can concentrate while working from offices as they have a properly allocated work area. Freelancers should also have the same workspace. Sitting on the bed and working may be comfortable but would certainly not produce the same work output. Select one corner where you don’t get distracted and have a desk.

4. Consistent internet connectivity

To interact with clients and deliver work without delays, having proper internet connectivity is very important. While working at home, network disruptions can cause a loss of reliability. For instance, if you are working on software development deployment and it gets delayed, the client will find it hard to trust you.

5. Have a proper schedule to follow

It’s a fact that freelancers can choose their own hours, but it’s important to have a proper schedule to follow. Based on the deadline you have to follow, stick to your work routine and complete the tasks without any kind of disruption.

Top 10 Tips of Becoming a Successful Freelancer

6. Working as a software developer means staying technically updated

A lot of freelancers are related to the field of programming. In the case of developers, staying up to date with the technological requirements is necessary. For instance, these days, mobile app development is among the most in-demand development platforms.  It becomes hard to get your hands on good projects if you are outdated.

7. Build a good clientele

Increasing the number of customers and building a clientele is a regular ongoing procedure for freelancers. As you would not be working 9 to 5 for a specific company, it is important to look out for new potential customers. However, before you start working for someone, make sure that there is sync between what you offer and the actual requirements.

8. Select a workload that suits you

As a freelancing individual, you should have an idea of the workload that you can manage. Being overambitious can lead to problems. Some people take a lot of work and then fail to deliver. This leads to a reputation dent and people stop relying on you. Therefore, make professional commitments in a logical manner.

9. Be reachable to your clients

It can be very frustrating for a client when he tries to approach a freelance resource and does not attain success. Use a reliable communication platform and be online during the quoted work hours. This helps in building a trustworthy relationship.

10. Keep expanding your skills

Freelancers can pick diverse jobs if they have multiple skills. A programmer can be a good article writer at the same time. You can pick multiple tasks and then construct a virtual team as well. 

When you talk about freelancing, learning is a continuous process that does not stop. Instead, it helps you in growing financially.


A large percentage of qualified people are working as freelancers and this count is increasing.  People choose this earning option as it gives them more flexibility.

Instead of being restricted to one company and working for 9 hours at a stretch, you get the option to pick your own schedule. Freelancers usually work for multiple people and retain a good clientele as well.

Following these tips and recommendations is important. There is nothing wrong in being your own boss as long as you are able to meet client requirements and keep them happy.

Top 10 tips on becoming a successful freelancer.

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