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With the pandemic yet to end, people are still wary about going out. This means potential entrepreneurs may have to look for businesses they can start and operate at home. Fortunately, modern technology has made it possible for people to start businesses from the comfort of their homes.

While anyone can start many of these businesses, some require special skills to increase the chance of success. Some may also require entrepreneurs to set aside space for storing the products, while others only require a computer and a creative mind.

Here are some business ideas people can start at home.

Business woman working at home

Online Retail Store

After the pandemic, many consumers started shopping online. Due to this, it’s quite logical for people to start online retail stores. Many of these businesses normally buy items in bulk and sell them individually. They source most of the items abroad, and these products are not widely sold in the domestic market. The products are also suitable for niche markets that already have ready buyers for them.

Since the entrepreneur will have to buy these products in bulk, it’s essential to have a suitable space to store them at home. They will also have to pack the products individually before they sell them in the market.

When starting the business, the house will become the main showroom. As the business grows, it may become necessary to rent a place where the business can operate from. At this point, the business will also require employees to handle different aspects of the business, including repacking, inventory-taking, and fulfilling the orders.

Online Services

Another business anyone can start at home is offering services online. Many independent contractors are already offering their services online. These services include freelance writing, digital marketing, and web design. Some independent contractors also offer their customer service or sales skills to clients online.

Some of these services may require specialized skills. Others may require a university degree, such as BSIT. These are the types of jobs that require a computer and a reliable internet connection.

But there are also some services independent contractors offer that require them to work on-site or outside their homes. These contractors only use the internet for marketing their services. And once somebody hires them, then they go out and perform the task. These jobs include house cleaning and dog walking.

In these businesses, they can take on multiple clients at a time. But they should make sure to plot their schedule well, so the jobs will not interfere with each other. The independent contractors also get new clients through referrals and networking.

Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a business model where the business sells items that are not physically stored at the location of the seller. It is an order fulfilment method where the seller receives the order, then passes it to the supplier who ships the order directly to the customer. The supplier can also be based locally or abroad. Some online apps allow sellers to look for potential suppliers for the products they intend to market.

In this situation, the product does not even pass through the hands of the seller. But the seller normally orders the product before offering it in the market. This allows the seller to check the product first before selling it on the website. The seller also concentrates on marketing and promotion to sell the product.

In the dropshipping business, the seller should ensure that the seller is reliable and can provide suitable customer support after the sale is completed. This is critical since the reputation of the seller is at stake. In case the supplier does not deliver, the seller will be the one that suffers. The seller acts as the distributor of the products of the supplier.

Print-on-demand Business

A print-on-demand business is another option for people who want to start a business from home. A print-on-demand business requires entrepreneurs to work with suppliers who can customize shirts, bags, and baseball caps using the design the entrepreneurs provide.

The business is ideal for illustrators or designers who are creative. They can channel their creativity into the business and create eye-catching designs that people will like and buy. The print-on-demand business allows entrepreneurs to sell a wide variety of products that carry their design.

Aside from shirts, bags, and baseball caps, they can also sell hoodies, shoes, mugs, blankets, and pillows. There are also print-on-demand suppliers that sell watches, books, phone cases, and backpacks with the design created by the entrepreneur.

The current market situation is suitable for businesses that can be conducted online. Due to this, starting a home-based business is a good option for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the middle of a pandemic.

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