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Subscription services are becoming more popular these days. Companies are having to adapt to online selling because of reduced footfall caused by COVID 19. Offering a subscription service ensures regular and automated sales, plus convenient regular deliveries for customers.

Subscription Box

Subscription Services Are Convenient

As a customer, you’ll get regular deliveries of a service that fits your preferences. This could be your shopping delivery, an online tool, digital product or a pampering subscription box.

You don’t have to remember to go out and buy anything. You don’t have to remember to place an order online weekly or monthly, so it’s stress-free. All you have to do is remember to be in if the service is delivered to your door.

As a business you’ll receive a steady recurring revenue giving you a clear idea of what your income is likely to be.

Subscription Services Are Better Value

Subscription services are of great value for the customer. Often prices are discounted if you take out a subscription with a company.

They also help with budgeting because you will know exactly what you’re paying out for each month and how much money you have left to spend on other things.

They’re Easy To Set Up & Cancel

Subscription services are easy to set up, as simple as filling in your details and paying for the service by credit card or Paypal. The payment is then taken monthly until you cancel.

Cancelling subscriptions is usually done by logging into your account or emailing the retailer and requesting cancellation.

Will A Subscription Service Work For You?

A subscription service will only work for you if you make regular use of the products, and they make your life easier in some way. Are you using all of the products or only a few?

Consider if it is cheaper to buy the whole subscription or one of the products in the subscription on its own. Try taking these points into account to make sure you’re getting the best service all-round.

Monthly Subscription Service Ideas

It’s fun looking forward to receiving a parcel every month. If the contents differ each time, it’s exciting to find out what’s inside. Here are some of the fantastic subscription products you can get:


Socks In A Box – New socks delivered every month.

Food & Drink

Little Bakers – Baking kits for kids. Perfect for you and the kids to learn baking. Ideal for home educating.

Dog & Hat – Multi roaster coffee subscription.

Beer 52 – Discover beers from a new country every month.

Simply Cook – Cook restaurant quality meals at home.

Mother & Baby – Beautifully curated luxury subscription boxes full of natural, non-toxic and vegan products to pamper mother and baby.


Beauty Pie – Luxury beauty buyers’ club, savings of up to 80%.

Birch Box – Each month you will receive 5 deluxe sample and travel size beauty products (including the occasional full-size!) Expect a mix of make-up, skincare, body, and haircare products.


Bloom & Wild – Have fresh flowers delivered monthly.

Pet Food

Tails – Tailor made dog food delivered monthly.

Why are subscription services so popular?

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