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4 Areas Pet Insurance Should Cover


At this point, you’re probably sick to the back teeth of dealing with insurance companies. From health to life and car cover, it feels as if there isn’t a part of your life which doesn’t need a policy. Well, you can add pets to that list too.

Forking out is never nice but it is necessary for your sake and the sake of the animal. After all, the premiums paid will cover the dog in case of any complications to your health, I should know because I’ve had to claim it for my pets and I’m so glad I had pet insurance.

That’s pretty cool, right? Yes, it is, and it doesn’t stop there because insurance companies can offer comprehensive pet cover. What you need to do is ensure the essentials are included, and here are four examples for your information.


Vet Fees

Of course, this is the first thing an owner thinks about regarding coverage. Vet fees are expensive and most people can’t afford them without help.

But, lots of animal people only buy a basic cover which doesn’t extend to a variety of ailments and illnesses. Typically, a level 2 policy will have a maximum limit for each condition so you can claim until you reach a glass ceiling.

As soon as you get there though, the insurer won’t pick up the cheque. Generally, level 1 is best because it provides a fixed amount each year.


Third-Party Liability

When a dog gets hit by a car, no one thinks about the damage to the vehicle. Instead, it’s all about saving the animal and rightly so.

However, the driver will need reimbursing for the damage if the collision wasn’t their fault. That’s right; you will have to pay for their repairs too including veterinary expenses and this comes to a big amount.

Thankfully, the insurer will pay out for everything in this scenario as long as you include it in the contract. It’s called third-party liability and it’s essential.



No owner ever sees it coming because it’s a bolt out of the blue, but dogs are animals. As a result, you can’t control them all of the time as they are subject to their instincts. When they want to bite someone, they will and they can cause some serious damage too.

Even a tiny Yorkshire terrier has a nasty nip. Anyone bitten by a dog can sue as it might cause them distress. The right cover will cover the court fees should a lawsuit land on your porch. Make sure it covers damage to other dogs, too, as they rile one another up and tend to fight.


Lost Or Stolen

Dogs go missing, sometimes on their own and sometimes due to other people. As soon as you raise the alarm, your bank balance is going to take a hit.

Putting up fliers or taking out column inches in a newspaper isn’t cheap. Neither is driving around night and day looking for any signs of your pet. Retrieval costs offer money towards the advertising and reward sides of the process, plus it’ll also pay for a new pet.

You want a policy to cover every base, and that doesn’t happen by accident. To secure the right deal, you need to think outside of the box.

4 Areas Pet Insurance Should Cover


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