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Your office space can have a dramatic impact on how well you and your employees perform, not to mention it can make or break clients’ first impressions of you. So, if your office space isn’t quite up to scratch, you might want to think about making a few renovations to improve it for you, your staff, and your customers.

Smart looking office in white with hints of red

1. Think about the why

Before you do anything else, think about why you are renovating your office in the first place, Is it to give your employees more space? To bring it into line with the image your business is trying to portray? To increase the amount of natural light in order to boost productivity? Once you know WHY you are renovating, you can more carefully plan your renovation to ensure that all of your main objectives are met.

2. Consider whether it is really the best option

Renovating your office space might seem like the best way to get what you want, but is it really? It could be that selling your office space and finding somewhere more suitable would actually cost you less than renovating, or if you are renting, you need to factor in that you do not actually own the building, and buying yourself out of the lease to find a more appropriate place instead of ploughing your money into someone else’s investment could be a better idea.

 3. Plan for all eventualities

It’s easy to get caught up in designing your new corner office or ensuring there are enough windows in the building, only to forget about the basics that will help your renovation project to go smoothly like ensuring you have booked enough skip lorries to deal with the debris or ensuring that all of your important files and documents have been moved to a safe document storage facility for the duration of the project. This stuff might not be quite as exciting as picking out carports or choosing beautiful new artwork to hang on the walls but without it, your renovation project could become a nightmare.

4. Arrange remote working

Trying to work around a renovation project is likely to be impossible for your employees and the contractors, so if you want it to go without a hitch, it would be a good idea to ensure all of your employees are set up for remote working by providing them with the necessary equipment, installing communication software and making all important documents available in the cloud. That way, the contractors can get on with finishing your renovations as soon as possible and your staff can do the job without having to listen to jackhammers or breath in sawdust while they sit at their desks.

Office renovation projects are often necessary for the continued improvement of your business, and although they can be tricky to plan for and fit in,  and they really do not have to be too much of a nightmare, providing you think carefully, plan ahead, and ensure you get the most value from your investment, Good luck!

If your office space isn’t quite up to scratch, you might want to think about making a few renovations to improve it for you, your staff, and your customers.

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