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Nowadays the current job market is very competitive, and candidates looking for a job implement many career approaches to become and stay marketable to employers. Staying marketable in the job market is all about making yourself essential to your existing employers, or appealing to the prospective employer.

This is a pledge to slowly expand your skills and knowledge to stay marketable, up to date, competitive, and in a solid position to search for jobs in different job markets.

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Ways to Become More Attractive to Employers

Upgrade your skills

Keeping your skills up to date, fresh and applicable is an excellent way to stay marketable to potential employers. Make sure that you align your skills with the company plans and those of the prospective employers.

You should also keep up to date by attending conferences and workshops to improve and expand your skills. And to place yourself as highly valuable to potential employers, you will need to detect any gaps that need addressing.

You can improve your skills by getting recruited by Silven Recruitment. This will also allow you to diversify your career.

Review your CV

Your CV should be up to date and must include all the current skills to allow you to tackle chances that come up.

It takes an employer just seven seconds to save or reject a job applicant’s CV. In this book, James Reed – chairman of REED, Britain’s largest recruitment company – offers invaluable and specific advice on what employers want to see in the CVs they receive and how you can stand out from the crowd.

You should update your CV using palpable examples of your achievements, for instance enhancing a business process, contributing to the bottom line, or even any other significant conferences you were invited to or attended.

All these will help you remind the potential employer of the value you can add to your role.

Increase your networks

One of the most useful job search and career development tools that you have is your network. You can increase your network by attending conferences, workshops, and professional association conferences.

Networking will allow you to be visible and get noticed, which is very crucial in building your career. Apart from that, expanding your network can give you new opportunities for business, personal growth, career advancements, and new knowledge.

Practice your interview skills

Many workers are entering the job market and employers are using phone interviews to scrutinize possible candidates. And the first step that you can take to make yourself more marketable in the job industry is by surviving these interviews.

Start by dressing up professionally and talking appropriately. You also need to pay attention and respond without cutting off the interviewer. And regardless of whether you are good at interviews, it is significant to practice.

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Stay knowledgeable

It is very crucial to know the type of skills that employers want now as well as in the future. Keep yourself updated using relevant industry news, industry research, and job advertisements.

Staying ahead of the developments in the industry gives you the know-how of the skills that are currently in demand and those that will be valuable in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Finding a job in this economy is not an easy thing. However, you will need perseverance, hard work, and dedication to improve your chances of getting employed.

Now that you are ready to start a new career, all the above tips will make sure that searching for a job is not as hard as it might sound. You might also look into some success strategies when shifting careers.

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