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Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with post ideas for your blog. When an idea does pop into your mind it’s best to note it down in a book or Google Doc so that you can refer back to it later as these ideas can be easily forgotten. The following blog post ideas for beginners will help get your creative juices flowing.

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Your Story

Tell your readers an inspirational story about yourself or one that is related to your business and furthers your business goals. This could be how and why you started blogging & what you have achieved so far.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer questions in your blog post that you are frequently asked about either in person or via email.

Data-Backed Posts

Write a data-backed post, either do original research and write about it or write something based on research done by others.

My Blogging Secrets: A guide to becoming a pro-blogger

Behind The Scenes Post

Take your readers behind the scenes of your life and business, giving them a snapshot of what a particular day looks like.

Quote Round Up

Gather a number of quotes that are all related to one topic and compile them into a single blog post. Make pins for each quote as these often get lots of saves. Try something like my 10 inspirational quotes post.

Reviews & Comparisons Post

Review a product or compare two different products and let your readers know which one is better, and why.

Round-Up Posts

Gather a large number of opinions from experts or other bloggers on a particular subject, then compile the information into a single blog post. This is a quick way to create a post because others are providing most of the content.


Interview someone who would be of interest to your readers. This could be an influential blogger or expert in your niche.


A listicle is an article that contains a large list of items that are relevant to your readers. Listicles or list posts are quick and easy to write and can generate lots of traffic.


Write about a controversial subject in a way that is helpful to your readers and not overly offensive.

How To Guides & Tutorials

Create how-to posts that guide beginners through a particular set of actions or process. These can be on any subject, for example, look at my posts on how to install WordPress, and how to upload a WordPress theme.

Checklist Post

Help your readers remember everything they need to about a particular subject by creating an in-depth checklist. You could even have the checklist as a free download. This can be offered as an opt-in freebie to your mailing list.

I hope these ideas inspire and help you to create content for your blog. Remember to jot down every idea that you come up with so you have plenty of options to work with on those days when you have a mental block and can’t think of anything.

Blog post ideas for beginners

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