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Construction workers get to see the fruits of their labour when they drive by office buildings, homes, schools and other structures they helped to build. They may show a sense of pride that comes from renovating or developing a structure.

Pride, however, doesn’t always motivate construction teams to continue meeting the performance expectations of their employees. If you’re a construction project manager, you’ll want to make sure that you take great measures to keep them motivated. This means that your team isn’t simply going through the motions, but making sure that they want to get the construction project done properly.

Here are a few best practices that you can implement to keep the motivation of your construction workers at its peak at all times:

Construction workers looking at a building plan
  1. Explain the Big Picture of the Construction Project

You want your workers to understand the big picture and feel as though they are playing a major role in it.

Instead of merely saying, “Go take those galvanized iron pipes over there because that’s where we’re going to build the play area,” state the main purpose of the project. You could say, “We’re building a playground, a place where kids can have fun.” By providing the purpose, you’re telling your workers that what they do can benefit other people and even make the world a better place to live in.

2. Celebrate Big and Small Wins

People like recognition in whatever they achieve. Whether this win is small or big, you should take the time to honour them for a job well done.

Honouring their achievements doesn’t require costly rewards that will break the budget of your company. You can provide workers who go the extra mile with some sort of recognition, such as the Employee of the Month Award or MVP Certificates that you can the bulletin board of your construction site. You can even do the announcement by sending your team an e-mail to let everyone know who’s doing a fantastic job.

Some construction project managers even take this a step further by taking into account all the small accomplishments, tallying them by the end of the year and awarding monetary gifts to the team or employee with the most achievements. Know that employees appreciate financial incentives, such as a cash bonus or a gift card. This reward, along with a pat on the back, is a major motivator of workers placing their best foot forward.

3. Meet with Your Construction Workers Frequently

When you are at the construction site, you need to be aware of what each of your members is working on. This means meeting your team and inquiring exactly what’s going on so that you can answer questions and provide guidance at each step of the process.

Face-to-face communication also helps you assess suggestions when your team is already implementing your plan. Listening to what your workers have to say will give them the impression that their opinion is highly valued. What’s more, this helps boost their morale and makes them loyal to you.

4. Give Your Team a Comfortable Working Environment

The construction industry can be both stressful and tiring. Some workers quit their jobs, as they turn into an outlet for their employee’s stress. So, even when your boss or client is pressuring you or things aren’t going as planned on the job site, keep your stress away from your team. Don’t let that impede the work performance of your construction workers. Make sure that you give your team the tools and resources they need to succeed.

Also, when you feel that the progress of the construction project is running a bit slow, refrain from stressing out your team in a way that they will feel demotivated. A little push may just be what they need so that they will stay on track to meet the deadline.

Another way to offer a comfortable working environment is to set up an area where they can rest when they’re tired. Workers who are fatigued will invariably perform poorly and increase the risk of worksite accidents.

5. Lead by Example

Your construction team should be able to look up to you as a capable leader at all times. There’s no doubt that your workers are keeping an eye on you, so you need to always set a good example for your team to follow.

A construction project manager needs good nature and a smile when approaching work. Set a positive example by having a caring and enthusiastic attitude about timing and quality. Don’t allow the demands of the job to affect your attitude, as these are the things that can serve as an obstacle to effective management.

Creating a motivating environment for your team is necessary to the success of your construction project. Apply these suggestions to help keep your workers on track and motivated.

Construction managers looking to complete their projects successfully need to facilitate a motivating environment for workers. Read these tips to get ideas.

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