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If you’re keen on improving your affiliate marketing efforts and making life a bit easier for yourself, these plugins could be your go-to tools. With Amazon’s recent removal of Sitestripe images and text + images, finding reliable plugins has become essential for bloggers. Let’s take a look at 8 WordPress Plugins for Amazon Affiliates that can help you.



AAWP is a widely used plugin among Amazon Associates. It provides a variety of features to improve your promotion of Amazon products. It enables you to insert affiliate links and product information in different forms, including text affiliate links, product boxes, and data fields.

2. WZone

WZone allows you to bulk import products from Amazon into your WooCommerce store. It synchronises product details, ensuring real-time updates on pricing and other information.

It also offers a new module for product synchronisation without the need for PA API keys. However, an Amazon associate account is required to earn money from sales, and Amazon may close your affiliate account if you only import Amazon products without having other content on your website.

I’ve used this plugin for several years on one of my sites and highly recommend it if you’re looking to create a shop on your blog filled with Amazon products.

3. RSS Aggregator by Feedzy

RSS Aggregator by Feedzy is a powerful RSS feed plugin that you can use to aggregate multiple RSS feeds into your WordPress site. You can use the tool to display an Amazon product (or multiple products) as a feed.

4. AzonPress

AzonPress is an advanced premium affiliate plugin designed specifically for Amazon affiliates. It offers a range of features that enhance product presentation and boost affiliate income.

With AzonPress, you can creatively display products, search for products directly from the dashboard, and create responsive comparison tables. It also allows you to showcase bestseller lists, configure geo-targeting for your affiliate links, and offers customisable layouts for your affiliate links.

The plugin is user-friendly, catering to both novice and experienced users. Its shortcode functionality eliminates the need for repetitive coding of product specifications and tables. Plus, it ensures accurate tracking of referral links from your site to Amazon. Overall, AzonPress is a comprehensive tool that simplifies and optimises the use of the Amazon Affiliate platform.

5. AmzImage

AMZImage is a WordPress plugin that allows Amazon affiliates to easily insert product images into their WordPress sites. It enables users to search for Amazon product images directly from the WordPress editor, choose any product photo available, and turn these images into Amazon affiliate links.

The plugin ensures compliance with Amazon’s rules by using their API and helps users earn commissions from international traffic. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require any coding.

6. Amazon Auto Links

Amazon Auto Links is a WordPress plugin that allows affiliates to generate Amazon affiliate links automatically. It supports all Amazon locales and works even on JavaScript-disabled browsers.

The plugin allows users to choose categories relevant to their site, and it then displays links for new products from Amazon. These links are tagged with the user’s Amazon Associates ID.

The plugin offers flexible display options, allowing users to insert ads as a widget, use shortcode, or auto-insert to display units automatically.

It also features customisable buttons and supports geo-targeting, transforming Amazon affiliate links based on the site visitor’s locale.

7. Lasso

Lasso is an all-in-one affiliate marketing tool that lets you add, manage, and display your affiliate links from any program, including Amazon. It optimises every part of your affiliate workflow, increasing clicks and conversions, plugging your revenue leaks, and showing you exactly which pages and products earn the big bucks so you can double down.

8. is an all-in-one affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress. It generates product boxes that include tracked links that contain your affiliate IDs for popular e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and Kelkoo, allowing you to generate revenue from purchases made through these links.

The plugin saves time and is easy to use, providing daily and automatic updates of products, prices, information, and stocks. It supports multiple merchants and platforms, and unlimited custom merchants. Plus, it doesn’t require an Amazon API to display products, making it an excellent option for affiliates who don’t have access to API keys. is SEO, mobile-friendly, and AMP compatible, ensuring your website is easily accessible and viewable on all devices.

Final Word

All of these plugins provide distinct features that can aid you as an Amazon Associate in affiliate marketing. However, the efficiency of these plugins may vary based on your specific requirements and your website’s characteristics.

Always check whether the plugin you’re about to use has been recently updated. You wouldn’t want to spend money on, or even use, a free plugin that the developer has neglected.

Top WordPress plugins for Amazon Affiliates, from AAWP to Lasso. Boost sales, streamline links, and optimise product display effortlessly.

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