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Whether you’re a single mum or you and your partner both work, childcare is likely to be something you need to consider.

However, childcare can be very expensive. You will want to keep your costs down without compromising quality. This can also be imperative if you’re saving for a mortgage, as all of your expenses work against the amount you can borrow. You can get specialist mortgages, like teacher mortgages, which can be more suitable for your situation, yet all costs are still considered.

Affordable Childcare For Working Mums

Opting for an au pair, rather than a nanny, is a good way to make savings when looking for affordable childcare as a working mum. 

Firstly, though, let’s point out that it is important not to try and deduct money from your au pair’s weekly allowance.

Childcare services are more frequently utilised in the modern-day. Life just seems to be so busy! Most people don’t feel like they get a second to themselves. Therefore, it can be very easy for childcare and housework to seem like an impossible mission. There is nothing wrong with seeking help. After all, that is what the professionals are there for. 

You have plenty of childcare solutions to select from. If you opt for an au pair placement then the individual you hire will actually live with you and become part of your family. This means you benefit from a much better and more flexible service. 

Nevertheless, there is no denying the fact that not everybody can afford childcare. There are lots of mums and dads who are run off their feet and would love the opportunity to benefit from a bit of a helping hand, yet they simply cannot afford it. Well, that is until now…

Au pair placements are a lot cheaper by their very nature. As the individual is going to be living with your family you only need to give them a set amount of ‘pocket money’ each week; usually between £70 and £90. You could end up paying £70 for a nanny for a mere few hours – so you see the monumental difference.

They legally have to be given an amount per week and if you try and disrespect them by lowering this as much as possible then they are only going to look for placement elsewhere. 

Nevertheless, you can make savings by being wise with the agency you choose. It is always wise to go through an agency otherwise you can find yourself in troublesome situations.

However, there are some agencies that charge extortionate amounts for their service. Not only this, but they will lumber on costs for any little thing they do i.e. send paperwork, resolve a dispute and so on and so forth. Read the terms and conditions and be sure of all costs entailed before committing to an agency. 

In addition to this, not only do you need to shop around for the right agency but also the right au pair too. Some individuals are going to demand a higher amount for their services than others. Obviously, you need to make sure the person is the right fit for your family first and foremost. Nevertheless, you can then differentiate based on price afterwards. Therefore, don’t forget to take this into account.

An au pair placement is definitely the most effective and cheapest childcare solution. If you are savvy you can also make further savings too.

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Affordable Childcare For Working Mums

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