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In a world full of new content and information, blogs still remain a cornerstone of platform-building for many different types of products and services. Anyone can set a blog up and drive traffic to it. They share valuable information to improve the reputation of your brand, entertain readers and site visitors, and give you things to post about on social media. However, none of this works if you do not get traffic to the blog posts you create. These five methods will superpower your blog traffic and allow you to increase the overall visibility and conversion rates of any content you post.

Five Ways to Superpower Your Blog Traffic

1 – Search Engine Optimization Still Matters

While the methods have changed considerably since the earliest years of trying to rank on Google, optimizing every blog post and the entire website for search engine inclusion is still the number one way to get organic traffic. SEO involves a holistic approach to creating content and linking to it from other places online. If you use a WordPress blog, popular plug-ins like Yoast, Rank Math, All In One SEO and using a keyword tool makes all the difference.

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2 – Make Social Media Sharing Simple

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter along with Pinterest which is more of a visual search engine are indubitably the hottest ways to market any text or video content on the Internet today. No matter what type of blog post to create, you must make them easy to share on your readers’ social media pages.

Add links or icons that they can click on to do just that. Likewise, you should repurpose blog content on your own social media platforms. Not only does this save you time in making fresh posts, but it provides powerful linking strategies to your entire marketing process. Scheduling your Pinterest pins saves time and ensures your content is seen at all hours.

3 – Write Longer and More Detailed Posts

If people come to a text-based blog for information, understand that they want everything. If they only wanted a quick visual guide, they would go to YouTube. If they wanted a short blurb about a topic, they would stick to social media.

On your website, long and detailed blog posts get more attention and provide more value than short ones. If you look at some of the top blogs still operating today, you may find their popular posts have 2000, 4000, or even higher word counts.

4 – Write More Frequently

In the early days of blogging, the experts recommended a weekly schedule for most sites. While this can still boost your search engine optimization and help build a larger platform, it is much more advantageous these days to write more frequently.

In fact, the more content you share – as long as it is high quality – the better off you are at superpower in your blog traffic. One post per day gives you that many options to rank in the search engine, get mentioned on social media, and to arouse the interest of readers. If you don’t have time to write every day you can buy pre-written original content, or have content written for you.

5 – Do Not Blog in a Vacuum

As mentioned above with social media, every blog post has the opportunity to do multiple beneficial things for your overall marketing strategy. Although your initial goal may be to increase blog traffic, the end goal is really lead generation, conversion, sign-ups, or sales.

Repurposing your posts on social media and on YouTube or other videos makes sense. Also, using them to drive subscribers to your newsletter provides even greater benefits.

Remember that these valuable pieces of content also give you the opportunity to connect with other bloggers and website owners in unique ways. Guest blogging can still drive success.

While some marketers say that blogging is dead and people’s short attention spans have made longer pieces of written content obsolete, the truth remains that blogs are still getting a lot of traffic from Google and other search engines.

If you want to superpower your success, it makes sense to follow the recommendations above. Although you cannot ignore more powerful content marketing techniques like video, social media, and even podcasts, you should not ignore blog post writing moving forward.

Five Ways to Superpower Your Blog Traffic

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