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Benable is an invitation-only platform, that closely resembles an Amazon Influencer store. The platform enables you to curate shareable lists of your recommended items, automatically converting them into affiliate links, thereby providing you with the opportunity to earn income.

Benable lists

It is designed for everyone to compile and share their recommendations. You can add things you recommend by keyword or link and share your list with others.

Benable has partnered with over 38,000 brands that will pay you when people purchase things from your lists.

When you join Benable, you’ll receive instant approval for all affiliate programs and keep the full commission. You can create recommendation lists for friends, clients, or followers, all while earning additional income when sales of your recommendations are made.

Benable also allows you to compile recommendations that don’t have affiliate links, such as restaurants, articles, parks, local services, activities, professionals, and more.

Which companies work with Benable?

I can’t list them all because there are more than 38,000 brands collaborating with Benable. Among the prominent ones are Amazon, Nintendo, Nike, Etsy, Wayfair, TripAdvisor, and, to name just a few.

You can search for your favourite brands in your dashboard under Brand Partners and also filter by category and country, most popular and alphabetically.

Add Your Amazon Associates Tag

If you’re an Amazon Associate, you can add your associate’s tag to your account so that you start earning commissions straight away. This can be found under Cashback settings.

How does Benable pay you?

Currently, there are three ways Benable pays you: PayPal, Venmo, and Payoneer. The minimum payout requirement is $80.

Benable Chrome Extension

By using the Benable Chrome Extension, you can quickly save your favourite products, services places etc., to your Benable lists, while browsing the web. The extension also works on Microsoft Edge, I have it installed on my laptop.

Simply visit any webpage, click on the Benable extension icon, select the list where you’d like to save the item, and you’re done!

As I mentioned earlier, Benable operates on an invite-only basis. If you don’t have an invitation code, you will be placed on a waitlist. However, you have the opportunity to bypass this waitlist and begin crafting your own shareable lists immediately by using my invitation code: 5X5J5 or by following this link.

I haven’t been using Benable for very long and just noticed that I earned a commission/cashback on 3/10/23! See the image below:

I also noticed more cashback earned a few days later!

At present, I have only a couple of followers, which demonstrates that you don’t need hundreds of followers to start earning money on this platform. Begin creating your own shareable lists right away by using my invitation code: 5X5J5 or by following this link.

Benable: Your gateway to earning income through curated recommendations. Join now with our invitation code and start monetizing your lists!

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