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There are millions and millions of blogs. And for the most part, you can break that down into niches and specific genres. But what then? How do you make sure that you get heard in amongst the crowd? If you have recently started, or are currently in the middle of a rebrand here are some things that you should pay attention to.

Blog Branding - Don't Fade Into The Crowd


Something that makes a writer stand out is the personality they put into their writing. That is why brands gravitate towards them, and their readers come back to soak up every piece of content. You and your blog will be as one once you get into it, so try and remain authentic. There is nothing worse than having to keep up a pretence for years.


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – no. Your blog will not hit the same mark if you have a shoddy name. It has to be easy to say, easy to read, and a reflection of your brand.

The name is what sets the tone for the rest of the blog. If your blog name is Cute Dawgs, but you talk about gardening and interior design, the chances are at first glance no-one would guess that at all. You will be missing vital traffic. Think about what you want to talk about most often and go from there.

Sell it

Your tagline should be short and straightforward. For example – Money Business Blogging Lifestyle. If you see that tagline you will know exactly the content you will get in just 4 words. It should summarise something about either you or your blog. Think about using keywords here to boost your searchability. A keyword tool will help you find them.

Keep it Clean

Black screen with yellow writing, or a white screen with neon pink chunky text… not every font is made to be read in the form of a blog post. Think about a gray, clean font, on a white background. It is easier to read than colored text, and in terms of user experience is more comfortable.

Try to avoid having masses of flashing adverts, and too many colours too. Two bold colours can help form the start of the rest of the blog. A colour for the titles, and another to draw attention to certain things.

Call To Action

Make it clear what you want people to do. If you want them to share, add a plugin with a gentle nudge as they scroll.

Want people to subscribe to your emails? Have a pop-up with a prompt. Looking to sell courses? You get the idea. Tell people what you want from them and what they should do. A good email marketing provider will give you the tools to do this.


Bloggers tend to get invited to a lot of different events. Make sure that your new branding is evident on things like your business card, pens and even something fun from The Pin Factory like a keyring.

Make it Match

When you have designed your new logo and tagline, make sure that you update each of your social media platforms with matching cover photos and display pictures. Cohesiveness will strengthen your brand.

Blog Branding - Don't Fade Into The Crowd

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