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Running a business is hard work, but you don’t need to be superhuman. You don’t have to run every department yourself, and as your company grows you’ll have to learn the art of delegation – assigning work to your employees and trusting that they’ll do a good job without micromanaging.

Very few people can really do it all and are skilled and experienced in every area of business, however, it is worth continuing to learn where you can as a business owner, even if you’re not responsible for the daily tasks of the job. It at least gives you an understanding of what’s going on, and continuing to learn and keep your brain sharp is never a bad thing.

If you’re looking to get educated, either before launching your first venture or to upskill in what you currently do, here are five topics that are well worth studying. Best of all, you can study online in a flexible way around your current commitments.

Broaden Your Business Mind: Five Topics Worth Studying For Entrepreneurs


Did you know you could study leadership as a topic? Lots of institutes offer training, study and certification, it can even be studied to diploma level.

Chances are you’re already a good leader which is what draws you to business and starting your own company. However, it’s never going to a bad thing to learn the basics of managing a team, the psychology of employees and being the best boss you can.

The right education can help you to deliver sustained impact and influence through individuals, teams and business units. A great topic and something just about every business owner would benefit from.

Web and/or app design

Being able to design websites and/ or apps is a fantastic skill to have when you own a business. In fact, getting qualified here could save you big money in the long run, at the very least learning about it to an intermediate level helps you to understand the way things work better and where improvements can be made.

A *web development course will teach you the top MVC frameworks, about cloud computing and which software and programs are best used.

Every business these days needs a website, even if you don’t sell online. Your online presence is vital to your success, and so knowing what makes a good website, being able to make moderate fixes when needed or at least understand it well enough to explain to a web designer exactly what you want could all come in useful.


Marketing can easily be overlooked by naive new entrepreneurs. They think that if they open a good business selling products that people want and need, that the custom will come flooding in. But it doesn’t work like that, regardless of what you do or sell you’ll have competitors.

Since these will have all invested in marketing, it is their businesses that customers will come across first when looking people are looking to buy the products or services that you sell. It’s technical and complicated, even if you don’t plan on doing all of your own marketing it’s well worth knowing how it works and the different techniques that are out there.

Digital marketing is an incredibly popular topic, just about every online college or academy will offer the course in some form.


Keeping perfect accounts are crucial in business. Get it wrong and you could end up with lots of debt, or in trouble with the tax office (this could even lead to prison if they believe you’ve done it on purpose).

Chances are you’ll hire an accountant or outsource your finance department to a professional third party company when your venture is set up, but again it pays to know how things work.

It can help you find *the right software to manage your daily accounts and make accurate estimations to what your tax bill will be – therefore meaning you can save for it properly.

Making money is the name of the game in business, so an understanding of your money and finances is something every entrepreneur will want to be able to grasp.

Whether it’s a short course or a full degree, these subjects can be invaluable to business owners – or people that are planning to open a business in the future. Even if you’re doing well, don’t rest on your laurels. The world is incredibly fast-paced, you might even choose to upskill every year (or few years) to ensure you’re at the top of your game.

Broaden Your Business Mind, Five Topics Worth Studying For Entrepreneurs

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